Min ga la ba (Burmese)

Welcome to 2017, and may this year truly see the end of rules which have divided families for far too long.

We have a bit of news on the MM case.  Supreme Court has been in touch on Twitter to tell us that they 'appreciate #MMcase & related appeals are v important to all involved.  We anticipate judgment within next few weeks.'.   So no date, however good nevertheless to finally get an up ate. I don't think SC could now stretch 'next few weeks' to beyond end of February. Complete guess, but I reckon this side of Valentine's Day. Here's hoping!

Speaking of the SC....Tuesday sees the handing down of the judgment in the Article 50 case. Potentially extremely important, especially given what rights if any SC deems the devolved states - Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - have.  If all are required to give consent to trigger Article 50, then Scotland is the near certain saviour of our EU rights.  Otherwise we will continue to be reliant on Westminster alone.  Labour's response has been disappointing, though I do appreciate they are caught between a rock and a hard place, with so many of their constituencies being on the leave side.   It should be an interesting year.

And given the weekend just gone, we can't not mention the new President of the USA - the son of an immigrant, and the Frst Lady, an actual immigrant. With Trump's beating of the chest with 'America first', I'll leave you with this cartoon by Martin Shovel:


Australia, supposedly eager to enter a trade deal with UK according to our politicians, has already said such a deal comes with strings attached, of the more relaxed immigration rules variety!
Not news, just showing off purchase made last week (thank you Helena & Angie) I'm proud of -  a passport cover.  Link provided not to promote the product (BC not affiliated with the supplier in any case), but in anticipation of replies asking where to buy from! 
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Zoe Gardner is working on a Valentine's Day project to show the benefits brought by migrants.  Whether you are united in the UK or still divided, and are happy to be filmed, please do contact Zoe on More info on the project here.


Paul - A British citizen whose wife is from the Philippines. Paul's story is one many of you will be able to empathise with, as he overworks himself to try and earn the elusive £18,600


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