Dia dhuit (Irish)

As Brexit continues to cause much turmoil, one fears we may be on the path to Northern Ireland forming a union with Ireland, independent of the UK; Scotland will vote to leave the UK and join the EU instead and the UK as we know it will case to exist.  Let's hope the campaign to stop Brexit is successful. 

Otherwise there is a very real danger that without the protections afforded to us through our membership of the EU, we will be at the mercy of a concentrated pool of politicians.  What they have done with rules for family reunification, they are likely to do with workers rights, health & safety regulations...and even the NHS.

Who knows where we are on Brexit - the UK government, other than spouting out slogans, doesn't seem to have any idea either. Luckily for us, the Irish government has put more effort into analysing Brexit as well as sharing their objectives.
Transitional Protection

November 2016 saw some significant changes to the EEA regulations.  However for those who were holding, or had applied for, a RC as at 31 December 2013, the genuine residence test (effectively COL) is assumed to be met. This is fair enough as COL only came into force on 1 January 2014.  How could one be required to comply with requirements retrospectively.

For those who had a RC issued by 25 November 2016, there is also some protection with regards to showing their status as a qualified person until that date. Requiring proof of activity after that date is arguably a violation of case law. 

Nonetheless, this is how the UK is currently processing applications.  More on this here.
FOI requests

There are several FOI requests of interest to keep an eye on, below.  You can also register and make your own requests and follow requests of interest.  If you come across any which you think would help others, please send to us.

Eind - why has HO reversed it's policy on not requiring a British citizen, also a Surinder Singher, to be a qualified person in the UK?  Also see this.

Guidance for caseworkers, with the 2016 regulations: 1) Training slides though pretty silent on the transitional protection  2) This specifically asks for the training on the transitional protection

Regulation 9 - 2006 or 2016 regulations for those with transitional protection?


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