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Wonderful people, how I have missed you.  Hope the extra long Easter break has been good for all, despite the message from Theresa May causing much derision amongst the families who have fallen victim to her anti-family, anti-migration policies.  Today our favourite politician announced 8th June as the date of the next general election.  Will this be when we finally get the change in leadership?  One hopes, though doesn't expect.  She would only have called an early election if she was confident of winning.

We still have not heard from the Home Office on the changes they are making to the spouse/partner immigration rules on the back of the MM case.  From what a member of the legal team told me weeks ago, the government department had 56 days from the judgment date to make the changes.  That deadline is today....the eight week anniversary of the judgment date.  Alas we wait and see if today is actually when we hear what steps the HO will take to abide by the judgment, specifically that around the best interest of children.  What worth a Supreme Court judgment if the government's response to that is an endless hold on applications!  We had enough of that following the High Court judgment.

The amended EEA regulations have caused much consternation.  I came across a couple of things today which may be useful for those who already had a RC before 25 November 2016.  I am seeking some clarification on this and will write to you on this soon.


So it seems Amber Rudd, the new Home Secretary, may introduce 'barista visas' so post-Brexit things for cafes and pubs can continue as usual.  This news is from The Sun, so believe at your own peril.  For those who think we do not already control our borders though, this may shed some light.

The rip-off that are UK visa/immigration fees are particularly stark compared with those charged by other countries.  The Belgian citizenship application is apparently £170.  A pittance compared with the £1282 charged by Home Office!

Media request for The Observer, looking to speak to families affected by the immigration rules and who are happy being interviewed.  If interested, please contact the journalist Kieran Yates on

We have been given dates now for the Adult Dependant Relatives hearing at Court of Appeal.  3rd and 4th of May, at Royal Courts of Justice.  Not clear yet what time the hearing will start but likely to be between 10 and 11am.  All are welcome to attend.

If you'd like to contribute to towards this hearing, donations are welcome here as we are still a little off our target.  Much thanks for all your support. 


There are some very interesting FOI requests in the public domain. This one caught my eye for what the HO refused to provide information on - the plight of EU citizens with permanent resident status, post-Brexit.  The requestor calling the response 'usual useless and delayed' did make me smile!


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