18th June 2015
Buongiorno bambinos!  This week we look at the UK government possibly having sent an international student to his death, Colin Yeo's discovery on change in policy regarding expediting Residence Card applications, a voyeuristic look at complaints about UKVI and Ashleigh & Orisvel, a British-Cuban couple shafted by both governments for daring to fall in love with a foreigner.

In parliamentary developments this week, Keith Vaz is once elected Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, defeating the amazing Fiona Mactaggart.  Keith is not someone I found particularly helpful last time, but hope this time he matches action to words.  MRN has put together a template to write to your MP asking them to contact the HASC on your behalf - please do utilise it.

Reminder: 9th July is THE date of the year.  Please register here if attending the parliament event.

Deported student feared dead
Majid, a Pakistani citizen studying in Glasgow, was recently forced onto a military plane and deported, after he went to the HO simply to sign some papers.  Majid was not given the chance to say goodbye to the friends he had made in his four years here nor sort out his belongings.  Majid indicated Pakistani authorities had shot dead and kidnapped members of his family for their political beliefs.  

It is feared that he may now be dead and while he may not be, that we fear he may be indicates we did not thoroughly investigate his claims, saying much about the kind of nation our politicians have turned is into.
Colin Yeo has written a piece on expedition of EEA applications no longer being possible; previously, in some circumstances applicants could ask for expedition after three months, but now HO policy is silent on this.

For some positive news though, High Court rules HO delays in issuing EU documentation are unlawful.  One of the barristers on this was Navtej Singh Ahluwalia, who also represents a claimant in the #MMcase.
Last week we looked at Quila, the age-21 requirement on sponsoring foreign partners.

Next week we look at the developments with Chapti/Bibi, dealing with the pre-entry language test.

A fascinating report was brought to my attention this week, providing selected summaries of investigations by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.  Some which may be of interest or relevance to you:

page 10 - 10 year delay in processing application!
Page 22 - Lost documents
Page 27 - Incorrect advice ==> higher visa fees
Page 30 - Error and delay in asylum seeker application
Page 31 - Family emergency may mean can have application expedited
Page 35 - Delays in ILR application

Shows where you have been wronged, do complain!
Ashleigh & Orisvel - Ashleigh is a British citizen, married to Orisvel from Cuba. Particularly awful for the couple is that Orisvel was barred from working in his own country by the communist Cuban government, because he had married a foreigner.

The couple spent two years apart to allow Ashleigh to earn a salary exceeding the £18,600 threshold.

Yet despite applying when Ashleigh was earning £19,776, their application was put on hold only for it, months later, to be refused because their submitted documentation did not include a letter from Ashleigh's employer - payslips, P60, contract of employment apparently held too little weight to satisfy the Home Office that Ashleigh did in fact earn over the required £18,600.

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