24th May 2016
Zdravej (Bulgarian)

Apologies for the radio silence the last three weeks or so - it was exam season so I stayed away from the temptation that is writing to you folks :)

As promised last time, our brilliant barrister Duran Seddon has now drafted a case note for those who may be appealing an ADR refusal at tribunal.  This should be used in conjunction with the ADR judgment.  Our papers for the Court of Appeal have been filed, and we hope to have the next hearing (in front of three judges this time) by the end of the year.  We are especially keen to speak with anyone who has an appeal pending before the Upper Tribunal relating to these rules, so if this is you, please holler as there may be scope to tie the two cases together and strengthen both.

On #MMcase, there is still no news of when the judgment will be handed down.  Hopefully before 31st July, else October onwards, as Supreme Court is not in session in August and September.  So, drumming fingers on desk, we continue to wait.

On a positive note, the coming weekend is a long one in the UK and we are being promised the hottest summer since 1976.  Bring it on and remember to slip, slop, slap!

Another really sad ADR story - I found myself teary watching the video.  With a 73 year old being threatened with deportation, though her entire family is in the UK, it's yet another reminder that this hounding of the elderly, and the British citizens who just want to look after them, must stop.

A 57-year old woman is potentially facing deportation, despite having lived in the UK since she was aged four. In all likelihood though this is likely an error and hopefully re-applying will see the situation sorted.  A reminder though of Christmas a couple of years ago when British citizens were sent threatening text message on behalf of the Home Office telling them they had to leave the country!  

A 71-year old grandfather in Falmouth is also fighting deportation as his ILR was revoked because he spent over 10 years of the last 40 outside the UK, despite that the absence was because of his own health and a need to look after his own elderly mum in USA. 

I am normally very wary when it comes to petitions; if don't get the signatures needed it allows the government to take advantage of human laziness to pretend that the public supports their abhorrent policies. Given this petition does exist, protesting against the govt increasing immigration fees for court even further, it's important we get it to 100,000 asap.  

In our ADR case we too have become victim as filing fees are now nearly three times what they used to be at the beginning of the year.  Increasing fees even further will mean that justice is a privilege for the rich rather than a right for all.  

Please sign it and encourage all in your household, family, friends, neighbours to also put their name to it.

Angus Robertson, MP, put forward an alternative Queen's Speech in parliament last week in which he mentioned reversing the rules to allow Brits to live in the UK with family.  SNP has always been against the current rules, so while unsurprising that Angus raised this issue, it is welcome that it continues to be mentioned in parliament. 
Whichever way you're leaning, bear in mind 1) you must be registered to vote in order to have your say and 2) free movement is a two way street.  

You may have received poll cards already; if not, check out this on registering to vote.  

You can vote if you're a British or Irish citizen living in the UK, a Commonwealth citizen who has (or doesn't need) leave to remain in the UK - this includes non-EU countries like Australia, Canada, India and Pakistan, or if you're a Brit who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years.  

You cannot vote if you're an EU citizen who doesn't fit into any of these categories.  Please ensure you register and have your say.

You may also like having a stab at this EU quiz on the EU means for you.

We have moved our donation platform to Virgin Money Giving because of the lower commission charges.

General donations welcome here, and the fundraising page for the ADR campaign can be seen by selecting 'Campaigns' on the left hand side, or here.  

Please do share the links forward and raise awareness of the ADR campaign. Come the next hearing, having even more of you involved would be super, but also to share info with people who may not be aware of the nature of the ADR rules or their rights as EU citizens.  

I came across someone just yesterday who was not aware of his free movement rights clearly,.  He is in the process of moving to India for 1.5+ years in order to look after his 75 year old mum, with his British wife and two British children.  The plan is, post-India, to move to another EU country and then use Surinder Singh to move to the UK!  

Having spoken with us he realises he could have moved to another European country directly, and multiple times lamented he had not known about all this earlier.  Alas it's too late now as arrangements have been made and a job committed to but the silver lining is that his family will be united, albeit in another country. 


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