16th October 2016
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After a very long break, not gone unnoticed by some of you keen to check that all was fine at BritCits, we're back and raring to go.  Apologies for the gap since the last newsletter - this is the first sort-of-real break I've had since June 2012
, when these awful rules were announced, and the break has coincided with the court summer recess, travel to Greece and beyond, and a house have however been missed as with the occurrences over the holidays, I kept thinking, oh I should include that in the next newsletter.

Theresa May appears to be using her position as PM to pursue the agenda she had as Home Secretary, with the Tory party conference the platform for the deplorable policy to name and shame those who employ 'foreigners' - some may interpret this as state-endorsed discrimination which unfortunately ties in with the rise in racism-related attacks since 23rd June.

Even the keenest Brexiteer cannot now be unaware of the £350m lie and the only thing guaranteed is that with with any Brexit, we will see over 50% of voters unhappy with the nature of our relationship with the EU - the 48% plus some of the 52% who may have voted for sovereignty but not stop in free movement or an exit from the single market.  While there is a mandate to leave the EU, there is none for what kind of leave, and certainly not for an unelected PM deciding this.

Hence the case which began in the High Court last week, on Article 50 being triggered with parliamentary approval, rather than on the say so of the PM alone.  I read something indicating there is to be some discussion over the false promises underlying the leave campaign, but unsure whether it's to be a part of this hearing on another. 

Speaking of court cases, the ADR hearing is scheduled for the Court of Appeal for two days between 3rd-5th May 2017.  If anyone is waiting to have their ADR case heard at Upper Tribunal, please do let us know and reminder that the case note from our lawyer may be useful.  Unfortunately, no news yet on when the judgment will be handed down in #MMcase....let you know as soon as we do. 


Barack Obama applauds the contribution of migrants by tweeting "We're the nation that just had six of our scientists and researchers win Nobel Prizes - and every one of them was an immigrant."   What a shame the rhetoric from some British politicians is to instead denounce the same group of people.

A woman whose only chance of survival is an urgent stem cell transplant has found a perfect match in her sister, who lives in Nigeria.  Alas, the sister doesn't earn enough money to satisfy the HO, and thus has been refused a visa.  Rules are rules.  I'm so proud of our government.

Ala Sirriyeh, a lecturer in Sociology at Keele University, has written a very good paper on transnational families - identifying themes I'm sure many of us identify with.


First private housing, then schools and now the clamping down on migrants has led to the extension of NHS checks to pregnant women - no giving birth without proving your right to remain! 

While I understand the concern over health tourism, the method adopted by HO leaves a lot to be desired.


Last week saw HO ignore its public consultation and increase the fees for appealing visa refusals by over 500%.  Justice at a price, writes Right to Remain.

And on that subject, another plug for the piece written for RtR on havoc wreaked by UK immigration rules


Open Britain has shared a Newsnight clip of Ngaire Woods, a Professor at University of Oxford, explain why UK needs to remain a member of the single market.  Despite Brexiteer claims, EU doesn't need us more than we need it, but even if so all don't see it the same way.

Finally, there is a government research paper on Brexit - it's however from the Irish government. D'oh.


Steve & Yuriko - BritCits' very own Steve recounts his and his wife's experience of UK immigration rules.  His is another example of HO bureaucracy even for those to whom the income threshold does not apply.


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