It is Valentine's Day.  For some a day to celebrate the love felt for partners, family and friends.  For others, simply a Hallmark invention.  Whichever category you fall into, the day is particularly poignant for those unable to be with loved ones, when all around us we see hearts, flowers, happy couples (united), making the situation for divided families particularly stark. I say this every year, but truly hope last Christmas, this Valentine's Day, and potentially this 9th July anniversary of these horrid rules, is the last that families have to spend apart because of a politicians who think picking on families is somehow courageous.

The delay with the #MMcase is frankly insane. Frustration and annoyance got the better of me last Thursday, and I contacted the Supreme Court to, essentially, complain.  I was asked to write to the Chief Exec, who just this morning replied:

We appreciate that these appeals raise issues of great importance to all those involved.  In addition to the complexity of the legal issues raised, the appeals of MM (Lebanon) and others raise issues in common with the appeals of Agyarko and Ikuga, which were heard in April 2016, and this has contributed to the length of time the Supreme Court has spent considering the issues.  It is likely that the Court will deliver judgment in all these linked cases at the same time and we expect this to be in the near future."

So far we have had 'next few weeks' as the SC response on Twitter and now we have 'near future' from the Chief Exec.  Prodding for clarification on what is meant by near future didn't yield results, so let's hope that our definition of 'near future' and that of the SC, align.

I am not familiar with the cases mentioned but given the apparent overlap of issues, may be worth all of us having a quick look - if you're interested!  All info is on the SC's website.

Really and truly, it cannot possibly be long now.  Famous last words, one hope's not.


Theresa May is outdoing even herself in the very authoritarian manner she wants to run this country.  Proposals have been put forward making it a criminal offence for journalists to use leaked documents - the penalty up to 14 years jail! 

A one day strike is being organised nationwide on 20th February to highlight the contribution migrants make to our economy and society.  More info on what this involves, and the background of it,  here


Zoe Gardner's Valentine's Day project is now in full blast. Do post pics and videos using the hashtag #LoveKnowsNoBorders and check out other posts with this hashtag.  More info on the project here.


Clint & Mary Laine - Clint is a British citizen who is now considering leaving the country which has let him down, in pursuit of a 'normal family life'.


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