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Welcome to February in Clover

This is a long one so the email might be clipped - you can click "show more" if the entire thing does not download 
The length is just a one off - not loads of spiel, but I have added some screen shots from the booking system.
After many years -  I  don't even know how many - I'm moving my Wednesday Treetops classes to Wigton Moor Church, COMMENCING WEDNESDAY MARCH 4TH 
The reason is two fold. I am worn out by the cleaning that I have to do there.   It will surprise some of you to discover that I have to arrive 40 minutes early for class in order to be there early enough to clean the floor and be ready to teach in time.  This must sound totally crazy: the tenant doing the cleaning at a Council property but alas, if I don't clean the floor it is never cleaned save for a twice yearly deep clean.
I'm still going to do the cleaning, so that on a Tuesday and Friday the venue is sufficiently clean, but from now on I'll be doing that early on a Friday morning instead.
The other reason is so that I can shift the class times and offer the third, Men Only class at 8pm instead of 8.30pm.  

From the 4th March the classes will be as follows:
6pm Intermediate (moving from 6.30pm)
7pm Beginners (moving from 7.30pm)
8pm Men Only Pilates (moving from 8.30pm)

Venue: Wigton Moor Church, High Ash Drive, Leeds LS17 8RE
I am told that on foot, from Treetops, via the Brookhills or the Lintons it is a short walk and there are cut-throughs.  On my locations page here there is a map and if you click on the top right of the map it opens out to a big  full screen map.
By car it is a couple of minutes away.


For a few months now we have had  a half in / half out thing going on at Crossgates: new people booking online and regulars using paper cards.  This isn't sustainable going forwards and so please can I ask all of you, once you have used up your last paper card, to move onto the online system.  
More on that later.....
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A number of issues have come to light regarding the booking system and so I'm going to have a go at giving some pointers, tips and explanations. In addtion we've tweaked the website so it is easier to find.


The first thing is regarding the use of mobiles phones to book the classes.  The booking system is completely optimised for use on mobiles but because the mobile screen is so small it lacks the clarity of a bigger screen.  Even if you intend to use your mobile for booking, try and check it out on a bigger screen  to see how it all fits together.


This was problematic for many of you so I've made it easier, and to be honest, I'm  sorry it has taken so long for me to realise that I needed to take action.  You can easily find the booking area from the home page.  There are now 2 orange "book class" buttons on the website, quite prominently when you land on the homepage on a mobile or a laptop. Here is a screen shot of what it looks like on a big screen

In addition all the various sub pages, like "beginners" "Women Only" "City Centre Pilates" also have all the booking buttons too.

BEWARE your device reloading an old page from its memory.  If you don't see the BOOK  CLASSES orange buttons, refresh the page!  The Refresh icon is a circular arrow. It is beside the website address on a desktop and probably in a drop down menu on a mobile. 
Pay&Go @ £9

Since the online system began many more of you are paying £9 weekly rather than buying a pre pay card.   You can do this quite easily - pay and automatically book one class, one date, no mess, no fuss.   This is the "book your class" button
I wonder if some of you have maybe not realised that you can scroll down and "Buy your class pass" . The cost is then £8/class
Here is a screen shot of what you get when you enter the booking site.  On a mobile you need to scroll down a little to see the Class Pass button.

This has foxed quite a few of you. Try to think of it as buying the old paper card being different to turning up to class on 5 separate occasions. 

The reason I have done this is so that you don't have to block book 5 consecutive weeks and also so that you can reschedule one date in isolation. 
Once you have done "buy your 5 session class pass" you get a Product Order Receipt on screen (and receive it via email as well).
Product Order = Pre Pay Card!
Below is a screenshot.  Do you see where it says Schedule  ?
Click schedule and it takes you to a list of classes and you can pick which one you want to book
You can find the Product Order receipt email each week and click schedule 5 separate times to book 5 separate classes.  Alternatively book all 5 at once (and reschedule later if you wish).

Just what you want to hear eh! Another Username and password. 
It makes life easer., I promise....Your username is your email and for password, why not use something dead simple, like  Pilates or LovePilates?

This is how you Register for an Account: 
After you book a class you get a confirmation on screen (and sent to you via email)
On this page is an invitation to  Register for an account.  Here is a screen shot of that with the invite at the bottom

If you create an account (which means a username and password) you can log in  from the website
If you take a look at the 2nd of the 4 screenshots above, you will see that the booking page has a log in button.

Ground Reaction Force allows us to generate movement

When you walk, you push your foot into the ground and there is an equal reaction from the ground.  The ground doesn’t give way underneath you, (well, not often anyway).  Instead it provides a basis to send you (or, put another way, move you) forwards instead.  Or up, if you are squatting.

When walking you aren’t pulled forwards from the front. It isn’t possible.  You are, in a manner of speaking, pushed from behind. The leg, and specifically, the back of the leg reaches back into the floor and your body moves forwards.

The GRF provides an upward force to help our muscles generate power  to keep us upright in standing and in sitting or squatting.


I was asked this in a class this week and it made me wonder how many other people are not sure what I mean by this, and I do say it a lot.   I am very naughty and sometimes say "hip" which is confusing.  It is referring to the same thing, but not at all in a helpful way.

Rib to Pelvis connection is the Abdominal muscle which attaches to the base of the rib cage  and the top of the pelvis.  There is the outer layer of six pack muscle: the Rectus Abdominus and an inner layer which is has a more wraparound position, reaching around to the back of the body: the Transverse Abdominus

I use this rather long winded expression rather than saying "abs" because I want to get away from the notion of 
"pull in your abs nice and tight" or "suck in your belly button".     Also I want to get across that the trunk is a functional whole and what you do with the ribs, pelvis and everything else matters!  You can't just make the body work better simply by using your abs more!

What we are after is stability in the trunk and to achieve this, sometimes you want the bones to stay put.  Here you need to  "maintain the rib pelvis connection" . For example when lying on your back and doing a double heel slide or All Fours Swimming exercises.    This is a really important point: you maintain stability by keeping the spine stable at the back and reciprocally, the ribcage/pelvis distance the same the front.      

Sometimes you will need a stronger Rib/Pelvis connection - it will have to work harder to keep you stable, for example in a Plank exercise, and sometimes you need almost nothing extra, for example when you are standing still.

There are times when you are curling the spine, for example, in a Cat Stretch or Ab Curl, and in that case the bones at the front will move closer together and the notion of drawing the abs ("navel to spine")  in is perfectly correct.

Here are 2 pictures of the rib/pelvis space, joined together by the six pack muscle in the left hand picture and the Transverse Abdominus on the Right hand picture.    See how empty the rest of the pictures are!  All of those other bones are joined together by loads of other really important muscles.  They all play a part in trunk/core stability and in movement.  
Hopefully you don't need 
luck to sort out the booking
but here is a good luck
charm anyway..... 

Best wishes

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