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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
Welcome to the Term 1 CrookED Science newsletter for 2017. We hope the year has started well for you.

CrookED Science is a science, technology and STEM education consultancy working with primary and secondary schools, school systems, universities and organisations across Australia.

In this issue: 

1.   HSC Physics Success!

Towards the end of last year, our first two Year 12 Physics partnership schools, Clancy College West Hoxton and La Salle College Bankstown, sat for their HSC exams. When the results came out we were delighted. Clancy achieved their best ever Physics results and La Salle increased their average score by over 8 marks! In fact, La Salle demonstrated the second highest value add in Physics amongst southwest Sydney schools. Well done to all of the students involved and their teachers!

These results provide the high stakes evidence that our blended learning methods of flipped videos, ePortfolios, video conferences and holiday workshops are extremely beneficial to student success in Physics.

Should you wish to engage CrookED Science to assist your school or organisation with HSC Physics, then please contact us.

2.   Facebook, Finally

Crooked Science has finally arrived on Facebook Please follow the link, 'like' the page and follow our updates at your leisure. Suggestions, feedback and comments are always welcome.

3.   PhD Published

As indicated in the last newsletter, my PhD thesis Evaluating the Impact of 1:1 Laptops on High School Science Students and Teachers has been accepted and published. It consists of two introductory chapters, five journal papers (four of which have been published in peer-reviewed journals, with the fifth under review) making up another five chapters, an overall discussion and a self-reflection. Some very fine people are mentioned in the acknowledgements, eternal thanks to all.

A podcast interview by Cameron Malcher regarding my thesis is also available through the Teachers' Education Review

4.   Congratulations Professor Manju Sharma

It was a pleasant coincidence that my PhD was accepted within days of my supervisor, Manju Sharma, being promoted to Professor for her outstanding work with our research group: the Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) Group. Super work Manju!

5.   School Story: Tsunamis at St Mel's Campsie

As part of a Stage 3 unit around natural disasters last term, the students at St Mel's Primary investigated the effects of tsunamis upon urban landscapes. In so doing, the students made a slope of sand in a plastic tub to represent the sea getting shallower, built an array of buildings out of lego, and yours truly provided the tsunami using a tea tray (very Wallace & Gromit!). Check out the video below.

6.   'Primary Science Capacity Building' Course

Our most recent course Capacity Building in Primary Science and Technology has just been accredited by STANSW as a NESA (BOSTES) endorsed course, contributing 3 hours of QTC registered PD. This course is aimed at helping primary teachers build their confidence, self-efficacy and ultimately their capacity with teaching Science & Technology in primary school. Graded to the level of the teacher, and personalised to their needs as identified by the teacher, this course will involve three one-on-one one hour sessions with each teacher over the year. Within that time, the teachers will be co-programming with myself, teaching lessons whilst being observed, discussing feedback and acting on it. 
This course is most appropriate for individual schools looking to help build the capacity of some or all of their teachers. Rather than withdrawal for a day, teachers can engage in this course at the school's convenience throughout the year.
Should you wish to engage CrookED Science to assist your school regarding Primary Science and Technology, then please contact us.

7.   'Hands-on Physics' Course

In a similar vein, our course Hands-on Engagement for Stage 6 Physics has also been accredited by STANSW as a NESA (BOSTES) endorsed course, contributing 5 hours of QTC registered PD. This course is aimed at empowering Stage 6 physics teachers with providing their students with novel hands-on experiences and experiments to engage them in their study of physics. The activities incorporated will cover those pertinent to the current syllabus and suggested ones for the new syllabus, paying particular attention to learning opportunities in the Depth Studies

This course is most appropriate for regions, clusters or communities of schools.

Should you wish to engage CrookED Science to assist your school or organisation with HSC Physics, then please contact us.

8.   New NSW Syllabuses

The new syllabuses for both K-6 Science and Technology and Stage 6 Physics are hopefully due out soon in NSW. Once they surface, CrookED Science will be offering schools, teachers and students substantial support to succeed in both domains. We will be addressing any new material and skills and highlighting where there is continuity. Various assistance will be available including programming, professional development and classroom instruction.

9.   Booking CrookED Science for 2017

The most popular work we offer at CrookED Science includes:
  • NESA accredited professional development workshops and staff development days for K-6 Science & Technology and Stage 6 Physics
  • In situ support for delivering K-6 Science & Technology 
  • Incursions for K-6 Science & Technology
  • Face-to-face and online delivery and support for HSC Physics
  • Intensive revision for HSC Physics
  • Programming for the new syllabuses
  • STEM projects K-10

If you are interested in CrookED Science working with your school or organisation this year in any of these regards, or something else you have in mind, then please contact us ASAP as availability is diminishing.

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We hope 2017 brings you every success. Please feel free to forward this email onto interested colleagues.

Kind Regards,

Simon Crook

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