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April 2018


and its effect on plant growth

CO2 measurement
Indoor gardeners, hydroponic and greenhouse growers are constantly looking for new ways to grow bigger and healthier plants. They know that monitoring carbon dioxide, along with humidity and temperature, is essential to achieve the best results.

CO2 plays such an important role because it is one of the two main components (the other is water) necessary for photosynthesis.
  • The COconcentration in air under normal conditions is 0.03% of the total volume.
  • When the content of carbon dioxide in the room increases to 0.2-0.6%, the process of photosynthesis is accelerated, which сan shorten the maturation of plants for 7-12 days and increase the yield by an average of 15%.
  • Too high concentration of this gas (> 0.6%), however, slows down the plant growth.
Therefore, it is important to keep balance of the CO2 concentration in the indoor cultivation.

Following instruments will help you to monitor CO2 concentration in the air.
CO2 meter

CO2 meter

T-535, the efficient CO2 meter for measuring indoor air quality:
  • Quick and accurate CO2 measurements, even of high concentrations, e.g. in greenhouses after CO2-fertilisation
  • Long-term measurements using max and average values
  • Long-term stable, maintenance-free infrared sensor
Temperature, humidity and CO2 meter

Temperature, humidity and COmeter

T-435 multi-function meter for all the measurements you need to adjust ventilation and air conditioning systems and assess air quality:
  • Air quality: measurement of CO2, air humidity, air temperature and absolute pressure with the optional IAQ probe
  • Display of dew point distance, min., max. and mean values
  • Illuminated display
Temperature, humidity and CO2 wireless data logger

Temperature, humidity
CO2 wireless data logger

The Wireless Data Logging System allows exact monitoring of several physical values in a large variety of application fields.
  • Data collect  possible via USB, Ethernet, GSM or Wi-Fi
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Expandable up to 245 data loggers
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