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May 2019

Mobile measurement
of nitrate concentration in soil

Nitrate Measurement
Basis for Growth
Nitrate (NO3) is a common anion salt in soil and an important nutrient source for plants. Its level in soil varies widely, depending upon the type of soil, climate conditions, rainfall and fertilizing practices.

Nitrogen in Soil 
Nitrogen is created during nitrification - conversion of ammonium into nitrate. Plants take up more than 80% of their nitrogen requirement as nitrate (NO3-), to a lesser extent also as ammonium (NH4+).  Therefore, in horticulture and agriculture, nitrogen is mainly measured as nitrate.

Nitrate Measurement
There are several testing methods. A short overview of the measuring possibilities follows below or in our STEP Systems catalogue.
Nitrate Test Strips
Nitrate Test Strips
colorimetric method
These test sticks allow a quick and easy nitrate determination in aqueous solutions.

Just immerse the stick into the sample and compare it’s colour with a supplied colour scale.
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higher accuracy
Nitrachek provides an electronic evaluation of the nitrate test strips via a photo cell.
Nitrachek Video
Particularly in a low measuring range, e.g. in soil measurements, analysis with the Nitrachek are much more accurate than the visual color comparison.
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The mobile system LASA AGRO 1900 determines all macro and micro elements in soils, substrates and nutrient solutions with laboratory precision.
LASA AGRO 1900 Video
The results don't need further recalculation and are displayed in: 
  • mg/100 g soil
  • mg/l substrate
  • mg/l water or nutrient solution
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Our Recent International Projects 🌍

Delivery of nine sets of laboratory equipment LASA AGRO 1900 to check the quality of the produced mineral fertilizers and industrial chemistry.

Agro Expert Group,
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Delivery of three sets of laboratory equipment LASA AGRO 3900 for soil analyses.

Wetec Pte Ltd
Delivery of one set of laboratory equipment LASA AGRO 1900 to the NTU-Asian School of the Environment for soil analyses.

Afsona Invest, Uzbekistan
Delivery of two sets of laboratory equipment LASA AGRO 1900 to DP “Tuprok Bonitirovkasi” for soil analyses.

(United Nations Development Programme), Uzbekistan
Installation of a complete soil laboratory LASA AGRO 3900 at the Nukus branch of Tashkent State Agrarian University, Uzbekistan. The project has been financed by the UNDP Uzbekistan and shall help these agricultural regions to optimize crop yields.
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GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation), Uzbekistan
A soil laboratory LASA AGRO 3900 is installed at Gulistan State University. The complete lab equipment was supplied by Step Systems GmbH within the framework of EU-funded project "Sustainable Development in Rural Areas of Uzbekistan".
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