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May 2017

Nitrate Measurement

in soil, water and plants
Nitrate Measurement
Engine of Growth
Nitrate is the most important component for the biosynthesis of nitrogen compounds in plants. There is no plant growth without nitrate! A consistently optimal supply of nitrogen with well-proportioned and timely fertilization is thus a prerequisite for healthy plant growth in horticulture and agriculture.

Nitrogen in Soil 
Nitrogen exists in the soil in various forms:
  • organically bound (humus)
  • mineral (nitrate, ammonium)
Plants take up more than 80% of their nitrogen requirement as nitrate (NO3-), to a lesser extent also as ammonium (NH4+). Ammonium nitrogen is largely converted into nitrate nitrogen. Therefore, in horticulture and agriculture, nitrogen is mainly measured as nitrate.

Nitrate Measurement
There are several quick test methods. A short overview of the measuring possibilities can be found below or in our STEP Systems catalogue.
Nitrate Test Strips
economic colorimetric method

These test sticks allow a quick and easy nitrate determination in aqueous solutions.

Just immerse the stick into the sample and compare it’s color with a supplied color scale.
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Nitrachek 404
the well-known and proven method for rapid analysis

Nitrachek provides an electronic evaluation of the nitrate test strips via a photo cell.
Nitrachek 404
Particularly in a low measuring range, e.g. in soil measurements, analysis with the Nitrachek are much more accurate than the visual color comparison.
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LAQUA Nitrate Tester
LAQUA Nitrate Tester
for highly concentrated liquids

LAQUA tester has a flat ion sensor, specially developed for very small sample amounts (from 0.3 ml).
LAQUA Nitrate Tester
Large measuring range (62-6200 ppm) allows measurement of high concentrations without prior dilution, e.g. plant juices.
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More information about these and other STEP Systems products you can find in our new English catalogue.

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