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May, 2020
Remote Monitoring
solutions helping farmers to stay in business during COVID-19
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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we see an increased demand for remote monitoring systems in greenhouses with automatic fertilizer systems, in open fields and elongated logistic processes.

Remote systems can help farmers keep an eye on their fields while staying in quarantine or control the climate conditions during the transport of perishable products. Finally, they help to save time, resources and money.

Discover our remote monitoring systems to make your business more resilient.
Continuous monitoring
Inline measurement delivers results in real-time, allowing automation systems to continually adjust process parameters to optimize quality and increase throughput. In this way the risk of over-fertilization or under-supply of plants by incorrectly adjusted fertilizer mixing systems is minimized.
Flow Control 5000

The unit allows simultaneous, continuous monitoring of pH, conductivity and temperature of solutions.
  • automatic sensor and buffer recognition
  • indication of measured values when exceeding or dropping below set limits
Internet Weather Monitor
For professional horticulture and agriculture
The weather station is used for early detection and warning, planning, control and management of complex meteorologically dependent processes. 
T-Warner Weather Station

T-Warner provides online weather data directly from field or greenhouse to computer.
Measurement of temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, global radiation, leaf wetness, etc.
  • Frost warning function in real time
  • Local weather forecast
  • Plant disease forecast models
Placed in a refrigerator or directly in the packaging, the compact data loggers monitor the transport of temperature and humidity sensitive products and store measured data in the set time intervals.
Mini Data Logger
  • Data evaluation on a PC with the software
  • Memory for 16,000 values
  • Unlimited operating time
USB Data Logger
  • Built-in USB interface, no software required
  • Memory for 64,000 values
  • Unlimited operating time
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