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October, 2020

Soil samplers

The right sampler is half the work
Soil samplers
Samplers are robust and indispensable helpers for soil analyses in horticulture, agriculture and geomorphological researches. Since almost every type of soil has special demands on the design, various types of hand augers have been developed.
Sampling Auger
Pot Sampling Auger
For pot and container plants - also suitable for lawn base layers. Read more here.

Hand Sampling Auger
For flower and vegetable beds, as well as outdoor areas with natural soil. Read more here.

Sampling auger with foot rest
For grassland, lawns and open spaces. The footrest makes work easier. Read more here.
Edelman auger
The typical geodynamical design allows for a minimum of friction during penetration into and the extraction from the soil, which means less physical effort. There are 4 types: the clay, sand, coarse sand as well as a combination type.

As moist clay soils are generally highly cohesive, the blades of the clay drill can be quite narrow. Because of the narrow blades, the drill meets little resistance in the soil. Read more here.

Sandy soils are not very cohesive. The leaves of the sand type are wider, giving the drill a large wing to hold the soil in place. Read more here.

Coarse Sand
The coarse sand type is derived from the sand type whose leaves have been widened. This creates a strongly closed drill that also holds soil with little or no cohesion, such as coarse sand soils or very dry sandy soils. Read more here.

The combination type can hold less cohesive soils quite well, while cohesive soils can still be removed quite easily. Read more here.
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