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September 2016

Postharvest monitoring

of fruits and vegetables

Fruit quality control
After harvesting, fruits undergo complex physiological processes, which do not stop at all stages of storage - during transport, in warehouses and on store shelves. Correct storage conditions play therefore a crucial role in maintaining the commercial quality of products.

It is a known fact that conservation of fresh fruits and vegetables depend largely on the environmental conditions. Optimal storage conditions include regulation of such important parameters as:

  • temperature,
  • air humidity
  • composition of the gaseous medium.

Please find various measuring instruments for the postharvest storage control of fruits and vegetables below or in our English STEP Systems catalog.

Climate monitoring in storage rooms
Temperature and humidity:
Professional Thermo-hygrometer with data logger function
Thermo-hygrometer T-625

Item-no.: 37138

Optimal storage conditions in regulated climate
Crop Temperature, °С Humidity, % Storage period
Grapes -0,5 …+14 90 - 95 5-7 months
Pear -1 …+1 90 - 95 untill 10 months
Peach -0,5 …0 90 - 95 4-6 weeks
Apple 0 ... +2 90 - 95 untill 12 months
Cabbage 0 ...+1 95 - 100 3-7 months
Potato +4 ...+5 90 - 95 4-8 months
Onion -1 ...0 70 - 80 6-8 months
Carrot 0 ...+1 95 - 100 4-8 months
Amount of gas in ambient air:
Ethylene is a plant hormone, which is produced by trees, plants, vegetables, fruit, flowers and tulip bulbs. Many crops are very sensitive to the presence of ethylene in air. Even at very low concentrations, this gas accelerates the ripening of the fruit, so it is also called aging hormone or stress ethylene.
Ethylene Analyser
The analyser is suitable for the measuring and monitoring of the ethylene concentration in the fruit and vegetable storage facilities, greenhouses and scrubber systems.
  • Connecting of the O2 and CO2 sensors (on request).
  • Automatic data transfer via the Internet.
  • GPRS, UMTS or Ethernet modem to LAN connect
Item-no.: 24050
Sensitivity of fruits and vegetables to ethylene
Crop Produсtion of ethylene Sensitivity to ethylene
Grapes Very weak Low
Pear Strong High
Peach Strong High
Apple Strong High
Cabbage No High
Potato No Middle
Onion No Middle
Carrot No High
Fruit quality:
The degree of maturity and fruit quality during storage are determined by values of fruit hardness, - measured by penetrometer, and by the temperature inside the fruit.
Digital fruit pressure tester
Professional thermometer
Professional thermometer
Item-no.: 37430
Guide values for fruit hardness
Fruit Cultivar Firmness (kg / cm2)
Pear William´s / Guyot 6,5
Conference 5,5
Abate Fetel 5
Comice 4,5
Apple Staymanred 7,5
Stark Delicious 6
Golden Delicious / Granny Smith 5,5
Plum Calita 2,5
Golden Japan / Ozark Premier 3
Peach Creasthaven, Suncrest,
Flavor Top, Red Haven

    COMBI 5000:    
   international recognition      


"Flowers" in Moscow
From August 24 to 26, the international "Цветы / Flowers-2016" show took place in Moscow. STEP Systems was represented by the company COMPAS Ltd, our Russian trade partner. The multi-testing instrument COMBI 5000 won the Flowers 2016 Innovation Award.

"FlowersExpo" in Moscow
From September 13 to 15, "FlowersExpo 2016", the international trade show for horticulture, floriculture and landscape design, took place in Moscow. COMBI 5000 by STEP Systems won the FlowersExpo Innovation Award in the category "Universal measuring device".
TASPO Awards in Germany
The new multi-testing instrument COMBI 5000 from STEP Systems GmbH has been nominated for the TASPO Award 2016, the Oscar of the German green industry, in the category “Innovative Product”.

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