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July 2018

How mature is it?

Fruit Quality Control

Fruit Quality Control
Quality of your product is crucial to increasing the quantity of your sales.
STEP Systems offers instruments to help you grow, maintain and sell the best produce level achievable.

Main fruit quality criteria:
  • sugar content
  • fruit hardness
  • fruit diameter
Our tools help growers harvest at the optimum time for maximum quality, enable packers to perform inspections faster and more efficiently, and allow receivers and importers to more accurately assess the quality of their inbound fruit.

How sweet is it?
Measuring Brix

Brix is used to test the quality of fruit. The higher the Brix measurement is, the better the fruit tastes.

An easy way to measure the Brix is using of refractometer. With our new IR Brix Meter you can measure the sugar content:
  • non-destructive
  • on place while growing
  • measurement of accidity is possible
Digital Fruit Penetrometer

How mature is it?
Measuring Fruit Maturity

To allow time to schedule labor, growers must estimate optimum harvest dates well before picking fruit.

Harvest maturity can be measured with fruit penetrometer. Our new extended version of hardness tester allows users to save and export on PC all measuring dates.

Read more about
the Fruit hardness Tester
Fruit callipers

How fit is it?
Fruit diameter

Fruit size measurement is essential to predict the fruit packout or when receiving or supplying products for the supermarket.

The value is determined by the largest transverse diameter or the largest mass. Find matching fruit callipers for your application 
Recommendations for
Maintaining Postharvest Quality

The University of California, Davis, has publisched storage recommendations for Maintaining Postharvest Quality for multiple commodities and varieties of produce.
Here is a link to their produce fact sheets.
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