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November 2017


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Why to monitor photosynthesis?
Photosynthesis is a key to the crop production and optimal use of resources, photosynthesis rate is an indicator of plant’s wellbeing, growth and productivity. By constant monitoring of photosynthesis it is possible to optimize for the maximum yield almost any controllable plant growing parameters, the most common of which are:
  • Open fields and orchards: irrigation and application of fertilizers;
  • Greenhouses: light intensity, COconcentration, air temperature and many more.
Photosynthesis Monitor PTM-48A
Why PTM-48A?

Unlike other systems in the market, Photosynthesis Monitor PTM-48A does not make one (or two, or more) photosynthesis measurements on a plant, but instead it provides a continuous monitoring of plant’s photosynthesis on 24/7 basis during a week or a month or whatever time is needed for adjustment and finetuning of the growing conditions.
Is it only photosynthesis?
Along with photosynthesis, PTM-48A is monitoring simultaneously many other essential parameters.
Photosynthesis Monitor PTM-48A

The typical task the PTM-48A can handle:
  • Comparison of various light souces and their space distribution
  • Transpiration monitoring for correction of the daytime and nighttime irrigation schedule
  • Effect of fruit load, picking and harvesting
Learn more, what other tasks can the PTM-48A handle? →
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