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Capital Nordic Walking Newsletters are designed to keep Canberra’s Nordic Walking community in touch and up to date with Nordic Walking developments in Canberra, Australia and overseas.  In this summer newsletter, read about.......
  • Summer Nordic Walking tips
  • Don’t take your poles for a walk! – technique reminders
  • In need of inspiration? Meet Tom Ryan - CNWs star recruit for 2015
  • CNW top fundraiser for Parkinson’s ACT – our 2015 Walk for a Cause
  • Seville World Nordic Walking Festival and Conference
  • Kristen’s new qualifications
  • What’s coming up in 2016?
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I walk in order to [somatically] medicate myself against the psychosis of contemporary urban living” – Will Self, New York Times
(in Born to Walk – The Transformative Power of a Pedestrian Act, by Dan Rubinstein)
Nordic Walking at Tuross Heads NSW
Get ready for Nordic Walking this summer

Canberrans have been told to brace for what could be the region's hottest December summer in 13 years. The early rise in temperatures is part of the El Nino pattern that will likely keep making Canberra sizzle this summer. 

Stay safe and enjoy your Nordic Walking this summer by:

  • Trying to walk in cooler parts of day – wear a good hat, loose breathable clothing and carry plenty of water
  • As the weather heats up dehydration can be a big problem: consider adding electrolytes to your water when doing long walks in hot weather. The Australian Institute of Sports has a useful Fact Sheet on electrolytes
  • Get your sunscreen right: Australian’s have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.  Alarmingly consumer advocacy group Choice tested six SPF 50+ sunscreens and found four failed to deliver on their UV protection claims. Make sure yours does the job.
  • Get your shoes right:  See detailed information about suitable Nordic Walking shoes here. During the dry Canberra summer our fire-trails are dry, hard and covered in loose gravel.  If you are walking on steep gradients on fire trails consider a shoe with a good grip to minimise sliding.
  • Damn flies! Yep they’re back and they’re sticky.  If drenching yourself in insect repellent isn’t your thing – consider a good quality fly hat net.  Look for light weight, superfine nylon mesh with good visibility that allows good air flow. Seat To Summit Nano HeadNet is a great product
  • Mix it up – get a copy of the new book Walking and Cycling Canberra’s Centenary trail and try out some new walking routes. This great little book provides maps, photos, useful information about culture, environment, history
  • Off to the beach? Don’t forget to pack your poles – walking on the sand with paws off and tips down is a great workout
  • Finally - take care with seasonal flora and fauna risks - and especially be snake safe. In the ACT, snakes are most active from October to March when they sun themselves or when they move in search of food or water. Be alert at all times in the bush, and if you see a snake - move away and let the snake go on its way.
Don’t take your poles for a walk!  Top Technique Tips

During the CNW Spring refresher sessions we noticed a couple of common technique faults that could prevent walkers from getting the maximum benefit from their Nordic Walking:
1. Not swinging from the shoulders:  if you have very little shoulder swing and are mainly using bent elbows it is difficult to find the sweet spot needed for effective propulsion and it also means you wont be using your back and triceps muscles as much.
The fix: start with arms hanging long by your sides, poles angled backwards, start walking and allow the arms to start swinging naturally.  Concentrate on long relaxed arms, reach forward to handshake or to reach for a door handle, and the pole will naturally 'plant' in the perfect position. Try double poling for a while.  Think "marching arms" but with soft elbows. Ask someone to give you feedback or take a short video to check your style

2. Not getting much propulsion: some walkers were simply touching their paws or tips on the ground and then swinging forward – with little or no pushing.  Remember our goal is to propel ourselves along using the poles – thus fully engaging back, arm and core muscles. The more firmly you push the harder the workout and the more propulsion you get.
The fix: When the pole paws/tips connect with the ground remember to push through the wrist strap – imagine “pushing the ground away behind you”.  Sometimes slowing down the pace and / or double-poling can help practice strong propulsion.
In need of inspiration? Meet Tom Ryan
Capital Nordic Walking's star recruit for 2015
One of the top reasons that being a Nordic Walking instructor is so awesome and rewarding is the people you get to meet. 

An interesting social phenomenon is that people who Nordic Walk are all really lovely and very interesting! 

But Tom Ryan tops the lot!  In my eyes Tom is a legend! 

Click on the button below to read more about Tom's incredible life and fitness feats and be amazed and inspired!

Read More
CNW top fundraiser for Parkinson’s ACT – our 2015 Walk for a Cause
Kristen Pratt, CNW receiving Top Team Fund-Raiser award from Margaret Healy of PACT & CNW Team at PACT Walk in the Park

Of the over $15,000 raised for Parkinson's ACT (PACT) during the Spring “Walk in the Park for Parkinson’s” – the CNW team raised over $2,000, making it the top team fund-raiser! Not a bad start for our first “Walk for a Cause” event.

There are around 80,000 Australian’s living with Parkinson’s Disease. 30 Aussies are diagnosed with PD every day.  The cause of PD is unknown, and there is presently no cure. Read more about Parkinson’s disease, PACT and the benefits of Nordic Walking here.

Kristen will be speaking at a PACT meeting in May 2016 on the benefits of Nordic Walking and Exerstriding-style Nordic Walking for people with Parkinsons.  She will also give a demonstration of Nordic Walking and people will have an opportunity to try out walking with poles.
World Nordic Walking Festival and Conference: Seville September 2015
I’m still smiling remembering that warm Spanish welcome and sun (oh, and the Mojitos!) after being lucky enough to spend a fantastic week in wonderful Seville and the ancient city of Carmona with around 200 other Nordic Walking enthusiasts from around the world! I was the only participant from this part of the globe and was warmly “adopted” by the various  Nordic Walking groups who had traveled together for the festival. The festival offered a range of guided Nordic Walks, Workshops and Master classes, and included presentations about a range of interesting subjects from rehabilitation to equipment research and development.

Want to see what you missed out on and get inspired to get to the next World Nordic Walking festival? – check out these photo pages -

Click on the 'read more' link below for a detailed report on the World NWing Festival program and highlights.
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Keeping up to date on all things Nordic Walking
Kristen Pratt, CNW, 2nd from right in front, with World NW Masters in Seville

To ensure that I stay on top of my game and bring the highest quality Nordic Walking service to Canberran’s, in 2015 year I successfully completed:
  • Australian Fitness Network Certificate III in Fitness (Personal Training)
  • World Nordic Walking Masters technique workshops with Marko Kantaneva, Arja Jalkenen- Meyer, Itsik Levy, Tom Rutlin, Martin Christie and Fabio Moretti
  • The Nordic Walking United Kingdom Advanced Instructor Technique Course
  • Exerstriding style Nordic Walking Master Class (focus on Stability for Mobility and wellness walking) with Tom Rutlin
Kristen with Tom and Wendy Rutlin at Exerstriding style Nordic Walking workshop in Seville.
Tom Rutlin is an internationally recognised fitness authority. He founded Exerstriding-style Nordic Walking in 1988. Since then Tom has been dedicated to helping everyone from elite athletes to people with mobility challenges to discover a fun and motivating way to achieve a high level of functional total body fitness.


WHAT'S COMING UP IN 2016?...........
CNW Sunday Guided Group Nordic Walks: in response to popular demand - commencing the first Sunday in February (7th) - CNW will run an 8-week trial program of Sunday dawn and dusk guided walks – of approximately 1-hour duration. 
Morning walks will start at 7.30am and be held at a lake location.  Evening walks will start at 5.00pm and will take place on mountain trails – providing an opportunity to master differing terrains and surfaces.  Group walks provide a great opportunity to connect up with other Nordic Walkers, try some new routes, and ensure that you are getting the most out of your Nordic Walking.  Kristen will keep an eye on individual techniques, be available to discuss any concerns, and run a post-walk stretching session. A schedule of venues and starting points will be published in January.    Cost is $15.00 per person for each walk.
Walking for a Cause in 2016: Weekend to End Women’s Cancer April
Having a goal to focus on and a rough week-by-week training plan can help keep you motivated and exercising regularly. Doing it with family and/or friends is even better! Combining a training goal with support for a cause that you love or is meaningful to you is a win-win situation.

Following on from CNW successful fund-raising effort for Parkinson’s ACT in April 2016 Kristen will be walking 60km over the 2nd and 3rd of April in Perth to raise funds for research into women’s cancer. Did you know that:
  • 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in Australia
  • 1 in 8 Australian women will develop breast cancer and 1 in 38 women will die from the disease before the age of 85
  • One in 67 Australian women will develop Uterine Cancer by the age of 67 years old
  • One in 67 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer before the age of 85 years old, and
  • There were 637 new cases of cervical cancer diagnosed in Australia in 2008, and 131 women died from cervical cancer in 2007.
As well as walking 60km - it’s a Weekend to remember those lives we have lost to breast or gynaecologic cancer and a Weekend to celebrate the lives we are saving. Proceeds from The Weekend will enable Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research to advance its ground-breaking cancer research. 
Walkers are required to raise a minimum of $2,000 to participate.
Every small donation helps. Donate
to my journey and help efforts to end women's cancers!
2016 Austrian Alps Walking Holiday
Back in 2010 Maree and Patrick of the Australian Nordic Academy took Nordic Walkers to Patrick's homeland in Austria for the first time. Due to the success of those early trips they’ve gone back every year since.  2 tours are already booked for 2016 and they are taking bookings for a 3rd.

The 10-day tour is based in a fine 4-star hotel in the little village of Faschina.  Each day is fully programmed and includes guided walks, cultural activities and sightseeing over the nearby borders of Liechtenstein and Germany.

To view the breathtaking scenery, the varied cultural activities we do, the people (and characters) we meet, the fun that we have on tour, as well as what YOU could be doing next year - check out the Austrian Alps Tour Photo Gallery.  

To join us next June or July, download the information flyer or visit the Austrian Alps Walking Tour WebpageFor more info or to book your place contact Patrick via
Warm wishes for health and happiness this holiday season and a great start to 2016

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