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The Librarian's Corner
A Note from the University Librarian
University Librarian Steve Mandeville-GambleShortly after I arrived at UCR, the library began a strategic planning process to identify our values, goals, and objectives and to begin outlining the large themes emerging from these that will guide us as we move forward in support of the teaching and research mission of the university. This past year, the senior leaders of the library and I began the process of developing a series of initiatives that translates those larger goals and themes into action plans which we shared with our colleagues in the Academic Senate for feedback and input.

As we begin the new academic year, I would like to share with you that list of initiatives. As you will see, the goals that we have for 2014-15 and 2015-16 are rather aggressive, but I am proud to say that we are ahead of schedule in completing most of them. Our overarching goals for the upcoming year include active curation of UCR's unique information resources, creating dynamic learning spaces, improving nimble and effective collection access, serving as the catalyst for knowledge creation and dissemination, and diversifying our sources of revenue.

The vision of the UCR Library is to empower positive change by bringing together diverse individuals, communities, and information to advance research, education, and innovation. We demonstrate our commitment to academic excellence through a strong service orientation and client focus. We celebrate the diversity of our community by providing access to a wide range of materials, by recruiting diverse staff, and making the library a welcoming place for all. We practice and foster collaboration and strategic, but informed, risk-taking and support experimentation, all in order to meet the strategic goals of the University as a whole.

I am always happy to discuss our strategic initiatives in greater detail. Please do not hesitate to contact my office should you have any questions, desire additional information, or to request a copy of the UCR Library Strategic Plan.

University Librarian's signature
Steve Mandeville-Gamble
University Librarian
Exhibit Program Kickoff: LGBTQ History
Library launches new exhibit program in partnership with LGBT Resource Center. In celebration of LGBT History Month, the UCR Library will launch its new exhibition program with a poster display entitled The History of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement. Created by the ONE Archives Foundation located in West Hollywood, the material "explores the incredibly inspiring journey of the LGBTQ Civil Rights movement" from the 1940s to early 1990s.

Nancy Jean Tubbs, Director of the UCR LGBT Resource Center, approached UCR Librarian Steve Mandeville-Gamble earlier this year to solidify an ongoing relationship of education and support for our students, faculty, staff, and broader community. As the conversation evolved and the ONE Archives exhibit came to light, the partnership was naturally evident. Excited to launch a new, world-class exhibit program in the library, Mandeville-Gamble eagerly agreed to host the exhibit as well as opening ceremonies and related programming.

From the start of "gayborhoods," to the Lavender Scare, the Stonewall Riots, the national pride movement, and the AIDS crisis, The History of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement exhibition complements UCR's own history in supporting the LGBT community. In 1993, UCR was the first campus in the state of California to open a professionally-staffed LGBT resource center and, in 1996, the first to offer an LGBT studies minor. We are proud to be the first public university in the nation to offer gender-inclusive housing, to co-found T*Camp — the first intercampus retreat in the nation for trans/genderqueer and gender questioning college students, and to found the BlaqOUT Conference — the first college conference in the nation serving Black/African American students and students of African descent who identify on the LGBT spectrum.

The History of the LGBT Civil Rights Movement exhibition will open on October 5, 2015 in Rivera Library on the University of California, Riverside campus. For more information, please contact Sara Fitzgerald, Communications & Stewardship Director for the UCR Library.
Raising Cyberinfrastructure: Our IT Team at Work
UCR Library considered center of technical expertise. In August, UCR hosted the University of California Computing Services Conference (UCCSC) bringing together colleagues from all 10 UC campuses and UCOP to engage and collaborate on technical issues and innovations. The UCR Library’s Cyberinfrastructure/IT Department was invited to present on the transformative work they have done in the past year creating one of the most secure, robust, and reliable infrastructure environments on campus.
Dan Szilagyi, Head of Cyberinfrastructure, presented on the new IT team’s efforts in re-architecting the library’s infrastructure, network, software, web services, security, backup system, and customer support services. The IT team, all of whom were hired in the past year based on years of expertise, training, and innovative thinking, spoke with colleagues after the presentation and attended sessions from other UCs. Dan remarked, "It is so valuable sharing information with colleagues in the UC system. We are often working on solutions to technical issues others are experiences as well. By meeting to share our collective experiences, we increase our expertise within our respective organizations."

The Data Center

Hardware racks before and after
A major focus of the new IT team was the overhaul of UCR Library’s data center. Independent and redundant electrical circuits were installed. This separation from building power ensures that servers will run for hours instead of minutes in the case of an electrical outage. The hardware for servers and backups was migrated into new racks (pictured), allowing for better air flow for cooling, cable management, and more capacity. The backup system was re-engineered to restore data in minutes instead of days, and all data is copied four times in different locations. This new environment better supports the library’s strategic goals and unique needs by protecting our websites, digital initiatives, digital born content, data repositories, and digital preservation program. It is just one of the many efforts being undertaken by the IT team to better serve the library and community, and we are proud of their work!
Library Partners with Graduate Division to Support Student Transition
UCR takes proactive steps to ensure student success. As one of University of California’s most diverse campuses, UCR works to support our underrepresented student populations in STEM Graduate programs. Each year, the UCR Graduate Division hosts the GradEdge/JumpStart summer program, designed to help incoming graduate students adjust to graduate program workload and expectations.

GradEdge/JumpStart organizer Dr. Maggie Gover, Director of Graduate Student Academic and Professional Development, has been instrumental in promoting the UCR Library to all graduate students as an invaluable resource.

The UCR Library has partnered with GradEdge/JumpStart for many years, providing one in a series of developmental seminars. The library seminar is a combined orientation to the library resources, as well as advanced research tutorials. Program participants also receive welcome folders filled with information about library departments, hours, programs, workshops, resources, tools, and contact information for their librarian subject specialists.

This summer we introduced 55 GradEdge/JumpStart students to AnyConnect (off-campus access to online resources), Scotty (UCR Library catalog), Melvyl (UC-wide catalog), and the "Request" feature for interlibrary loans. Database searching and the creation of alerts for relevant research topics were favorites among the students.

Librarian Marie Bronoel led the seminar that included presentations from librarians Anthony Sanchez, Denise Kane, Stephanie Milner, and Tiffany Moxham. Students showed great interest in Marie’s demonstration of advanced analytical tools available in Biosis and Web of Science databases providing a glimpse of how to visualize and analyze their research areas within the scholarly literature. Another highlight with the students included Tiffany Moxham’s discussion of several types of citation management tools such as Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero, and Paperpile as options for the up-and-coming researchers to begin their "research journey on the right foot."

Summer Hours
June 13 - Sept 23

Mon-Fri: 7:30a - 6:00p
Sat: 10:00a - 5:00p

Mon-Fri: 7:30a - 6:00p
Sat: 10:00a - 5:00p

Mon-Fri: 9:00a - 6:00p
Library Facts
Did you know that the UCR Library boasts one of the more impressive collections of Spanish-language holdings within the University of California system? As of our most recent statistics, we have 144,908 Spanish language titles, 17,545 Portuguese titles, and 363 Mayan and other non-English language titles in the Spanish collection, for a total of 162,816!

Want more info or to gain access to our Spanish-language holdings? Contact Rhonda Neugebauer, our Latin American Bibliographer.

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Library utilizes "quiet" summer quarter with high impact. The summer accomplishments of the UCR Library are indicative of our continued investment in infrastructure, technology, and staff in support of the University's goals and global impact. While each of our many departments use the summer months to their maximum potential, a number of impactful projects stand out as this year's great achievements.

Evident in the upgrading and reorganizing of the data center and server room, which you can read more about in the Raising Cyberinfrastructure: Our IT Team at Work article above, the Information Technology and Cyberinfrastructure teams have worked countless hours to strengthen the library's technology and services infrastructure. In addition, the team makes consistent progress on a complete redesign of the library's public website with fresh content and updated services in close pursuit. In support of the new website, a comprehensive revision to research guides is also underway. More information about the new website to come soon! 

With campus and systemwide partnerships at the forefront our strategic endeavors, the summer quarter lent itself perfectly to laying the groundwork for the upcoming academic year. Of priority was enhancing metadata for the Osuna Collection, which includes glass plate negatives, photographs, and lantern slides of the Mexican Revolution that were taken by photographer Sabino Osuna with images of Francisco Madero, Victoriano Huerta, Alvaro Obregón, Emiliano Zapata, and Pancho Villa, as well as street warfare during La Decena Trágica. The same metadata efforts are being made for the Clearinghouse for Dam Removal Information (CDRI) Project — an initiative to collect documents from government agencies, consulting firms, universities, and non-profit organizations so that those making decisions about dam removal, including cases where a decision is made to retain the dam, can access all the information in one place. Both projects will be featured in the University of California's launch of the UC Library Digital Collection, or UCLDC.

In preparation for Fall quarter, teaching classrooms have been equipped with flexible, state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, and new self-checkout stations are underway in each library building. Additional public scanners, laptops, and other equipment have been deployed in the library as well. 

Collaboration with the University Honors program led to the development of an exciting new Peer Instruction Pilot Program. The program will mentor honors students toward running student-led Ted Talks and workshops, and offer a chance to teach-teach library instruction classes alongside UCR librarians. In addition, library instructors revised their curriculum to prepare for flipped-classroom instruction, reversing the traditional setup by delivering some instructional content online in order to interactively engage in concepts in the classroom with the guidance of the instructor.

And among the most important series of achievements, we are proud of our successful recruitment of a number of key staff positions including two new staff members in Special Collections and University Archives, the completed search for the Jay Kay and Doris Klein Science Fiction Librarian, an integral software developer in Cyberinfrastructure, and a permanent Metadata Cataloguer. Ongoing recruitment, performance reviews, and professional development during the summer have contributed to the perpetual growth, training, and enrichment of library staff.

With non-stop orientation tours and workshops happening all summer long in the library as well, it was far from a quiet building during this quarter of light student activity.
Staff Stuff
Jacqueline “JJ” Jacobson joined the UCR Library's Special Collections & University Archives on September 14th as the new Jay Kay and Doris Klein Science Fiction Librarian.

Sompratana Creighton accepted a new, full-time position as Metadata Cataloger for the Metadata & Technical Services Department as of August 19th.
The UCR Library serves the research and teaching needs of the campus, and serves the Inland Empire community as the regional research library. Your gift makes a tremendous difference—through philanthropic support, you help the students, staff, and faculty at UCR make a positive impact on society.

UCR is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and gifts to UCR are tax deductible to the extent allowed by State and Federal law.
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