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Zoom meetings have not been wildly attended. It feels like a lot of us are all Zoom meeting-ed out and prefer to chat asynchronously.  We don't want to pester people with a bunch of unwanted emails,  so we will set future meetings up to require registration and if no one registers, we just won't do it. We will send reminders to everyone who registers the day of the meeting.  If you lose this email, you can always check our gmail calendar for the registration link. 

February 26th  @ 7pm Food Security Discussion
We will mostly be talking about garden planning at this point, but I also want to talk about seasonal preservation classes.

March 1st  @ 7pm New Member Orientation
We will be using this time to answer questions from new people who want to get involved and cover information about delivering lunches. So if you want to start signing up for that, please attend. 

March 26th  @ 7pm Food Security Discussion  
We are getting close to the time we can get into the garden so please be sure to attend this if you are one of our people who garden. This meeting will be longer than usual.


January's newsletter was really late and February was a short month,  so we decided anything we needed to talk about could be covered in Samepage. It was a nice break for me before all the gardening and preserving starts back up in the Spring.

I really encourage anyone who is interested in getting involved in our projects to join the Samepage.  If you  have already joined, log-in once in awhile or you will be missing out.  That's where we do a lot of our chatting and planning. 

I wanted to talk super briefly about fundraising again.  My interest in mutual aid started before Covid and all of this and so it's grounded in anti-capitalist philosophy and I am pretty firmly in the "The Revolution Will Not Be Funded" camp.   

I don't quite understand why other mutual aid groups are needing to fundraise. Ours has been doing fine with just crowdsourcing for supplies for our programs and items people need. Someone even gave a snowblower to the snow removal project.

The City has an eviction protection program in place and other Covid support programs.  Sometimes when people call our phone number for help, the only reason they don't know about them is that they don't have Internet and haven't seen the information.

We get them the phone numbers they need to apply for different programs and tell them if they need additional help to get back with us right away.  So far it seems like the programs are doing a good job of catching most people. 

If that stops and people need help, we still aren't going to fundraise just to redistribute funds.  It's an unnecessary expenditure of our free labor and kind of non-profit nannying the people who ask for help. 

On a similar note, the drivers delivering lunches have actually had a hard time finding people out during the cold snap, because they are mostly in emergency shelters.  However if we do find someone who needs a hotel room or asks for a heater, I will let you all know.  There's not enough need to warrant all of the extra paperwork and hassle of taking donations.

So please keep an eye on our Direct Support page and our Facebook page.  If someone  local needs financial support we are going to put their information out there so people can send money directly to them, because we believe in self-determination.



Project Updates

Snow Removal  Project 
One of our members took the initiative to set up a snow removal project to help neighbors during recent storms.  To sign up for help or to get help go to this link.  Thanks so much to Sarah for working so hard to get this organized.   


Food Projects
You can read more about the food projects  on the website.  Cooks and bakers who want to direct their time to these projects are always appreciated.   If you don't have time but feel moved to support the cooks we can always use Aldi cards or you could  something off our wishlist. 

It is always tweaked to indicate what we need the most, and it's set up to  go straight to 850 Page Street. We really worked hard to get hot soups out to our unhoused neighbors during this latest  cold snap, so  if  anyone feels moved to purchase some soup bowls or cups off the Amazon list, we are running low.

Community Sewing Projects
Some of the items on our wishlist are there to restock the backpack we send out with people who volunteer to deliver lunches.  We don't specifically need those items. We are happy to accept hats/gloves that you want to drop off at 850 Page Street.  We have added several patterns to the "People who Sew" project page in the group so if that's in your skillset we welcome handmade items and probably can scare up supplies for you as well.  

Medic Project 
As always, the ICMA medics have plenty of supplies and medics who are willing to show up to support direct actions.  Some of the medics are trying to get some additional training and certifications so if anyone wants to sponsor a medic to take  an online Wilderness First Aid class, let me know.  

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