September 2016 Update from Peeple
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Hello Peeple People!

I’m flying back from China as I write this and boy are my arms tired (ok, bad joke). We have had an exceptionally productive last 2 weeks. We spent the majority of this month at the factory in China. Your Peeples will be made in Dongguan, China. A place you might not have known existed until now (I didn’t). Dongguan is just north of Shenzhen and home to 6.5 million people. At the factory you need to wear lab coats and hats to keep it clean (We're the ones in the visitor-blue uniforms).

From the last update, you might remember we were starting manufacturing. This entailed the first electronics boards built by our factory line. Our boards were built using SMT machines capable of doing two sides in one machine. These machines build motherboards, graphics cards, wearable fitness trackers, and now Peeples.

The first thing we did when we arrived was test our boards. They all worked! We spent time doing the testing to show the Chinese engineers our test fixture and plan how we will be loading firmware and testing these boards as they come off the production line. There is still more work and optimization to do in this area. Right now it’s taking too long to load firmware and fully test the boards, but we’re working on it.

So Many Certifications

In China, we started the process for the many certifications we will need to obtain. FCC, CE, RoHS, etc. The good news is our prescreening for CE testing passed and now it’s just a formality to secure the rest of that certification. The bad news is that a few of our components don’t have SGS reports. What is an SGS report, you ask? These are documents used to prove that there are no hazardous materials in your components or device. You need SGS reports to get RoHS certification. Without RoHS certification there is no shipping to the EU and some US states. So it’s a must have and any other kickstarters that ship without RoHS are in danger of large fines and being banned from selling their products.

Remember those switches we had to custom make a few updates back? Well, we will need to make them again. Even though they don’t contain any hazardous materials, we made a mistake and didn’t realize they didn’t have all the proper certifications. So we need to make some more with the proper reports. Not a huge deal, but it will take time. There are a few other components we will need to swap as well to be compliant with RoHS.

We also have to get certified to ship a device with a lithium battery. With the recent disaster that is the Samsung Note 7 battery, our lives get a little harder. It will take up to 30 days to get approval to ship with a battery. You might not realize this, but you have to have complete packaging as well when you get certified to ship with a battery because pictures are taken for the custom agents to look up. So, needless to say we’ve got to get packaging done as well.

We knew if would take time to get all these certifications and knew there would be some things we missed. That’s why we’re doing them in parallel with tooling, so getting the certifications won’t cause additional delays.

Let's have a moment of silence for the Peeple devices that gave their lives for these certification tests. I had 6 Peeples built (that I had planned for Beta users) that were needed for testing. Some of the tests will result in the destruction of the devices. A few early Peeples will die so thousands can live.  


After much negotiation, molds are being made for all the plastic parts of Peeple. These molds are giant steel blocks used for injection molding of plastic. There will be 5 needed to make each Peeple device and it will cost anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000. We will be returning to the factory in November to build the first Peeples with these molds and barring any gross defects we will be able to begin our first PVT (production validation testing) run. These PVT devices will be the first out the door.

Unfortunately, China is about to shut down for their national holiday on October 1st. So all factory work halts for the first week of October in China, but after that the factory will be back to work on our project.

We needed your pledges and pre-orders to get here and I appreciate everyone hanging in there. Peeple is looking great. We want to get some more packaging and instructional documents written before beta testing, but we’re making good progress and getting closer to shipping every day. Thank you for supporting us,


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