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 You were assigned Pastoral Care Partners.  Do you know who your partner is? Have you been checking in with one another?  You are encouraged to reach out weekly to your partner.
 We will need volunteers to help us clean the church building as we get closer to an opening date.  Things like moving pew cushions, Bibles, and hymnals, wiping down the pews, and restocking protective gear.  If you can donate one or a few hours, we can use your help.  Contact Rick Hollis by phone or text at (615) 642-1071.
You are also welcome to email him at  to volunteer. 


               Lauren & Keith Orser      09-05
                 Mary & Sam DiCarlo    09-19
          Karen & Mike Abernathy    09-19
              Kevin & Tracy Hendrix    09-28


 Norman Binkley Food Drive

We're having another food drive!  Norman Binkley Elementary School is once again helping kids out with their Friday Food Boxes.  We're going to be collecting food THIS Sunday, between 6 and 7 p.m., at the back parking lot, and here's what they need:
1. Canned food
2. Bags of rice
3. Pasta
4. Peanut butter crackers
5. Peach fruit cups
6. Oatmeal packets
7. Juice boxes

Let's see if we can fill up Pat's car again!
This is a way of showing your faith in action!

Note from Community Service & Outreach Committee:
The Presbyterian Week of Action, Aug. 24–30, is an endeavor to provide a public witness that facilitates education, visibility and action that reinforces our PC(USA) statements and policy that support eradicating racism and acknowledge that God loves all Black lives. See for more information on this Week of Action.
Sunday, August 30, is set aside as a Day of Service to encourage congregations and mid-councils to engage in some type of service outside the walls following worship. Although we were not aware of the distinction of this Sunday, we're glad that we have an act of service planned. DRIVE-THROUGH Southminster's back parking lot 6-7 pm  this Sunday, August 30, to drop off your food for Norman Binkley School families.
To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. - Proverbs 21:3


Peace & Global Witness on World Communion Sunday

We say "The Peace of Christ be with you …… and also with you." (And at Southminster in pre-Covid times, we often added a hug.) Our faith offers us the peace of Christ, and extending the peace of Christ to others is part of an active, engaged faith. The others who need this peace of Christ are our neighbors near and far. 

On World Communion Sunday, October 4, WE (the big WE that includes everybody) celebrate that Christ's peace extends throughout all creation, and that it brings us together with all the people that God invites to Christ's table. WE celebrate that WE are offered what WE need to continue the work of building the household of God with active peacemakers here at home and around the world.

On World Communion Sunday, October 4, we take action by offering a blessing of our own. Through our participation in the Peace & Global Witness Offering, our church is extending Christ's peace throughout our community, our region, and our world: 25% will go to Southminster missions, 25% to Presbytery missions, and 50% to the Presbyterian Mission Agency for its ministries of education and partnership with active peacemakers around the world.

Please give generously.


How Are We Doing Financially?

Our July financial report shows that  our income has exceeded our expenses paid for the first seven months of the year.  Southminster continues to do well, and have excess income to cover the shortfall in Telos’ financial picture (which we knew would happen)

Southminster and Telos combined:
We have $22,262 in the checking account, $68,009 in the savings account and investments worth a bit over $200,000. But, we can’t actually use all those investments, as we have to cover the Designated contributions, payroll taxes and there is a charitable remainder trust endowment that we can take income from but can’t touch the capital.

Southminster’s Income in July was $17,517 from contributions, and another $1035 in other income. We spent $16,226. For our YTD numbers, the total income is $139,366 and total expenses are $120,210. The excess of $19,155 more than covers the Telos shortfall of $736

Telos’s income in July was $3361, plus $1250 of the grant money, or a total of $4611. Expenses for July totaled $6010. YTD, income is $39960; expenses total $47,323.

Both congregations have offerings that are ahead of budgeted amount, for which we thank you. Even in this pandemic, our Southminster givers are adhering to their pledge, and the Telos giving patterns remain virtually unchanged from what they were pre-pandemic.

New Worshiping Communities

We all know that Telos is considered a New Worshiping Community (NWC). But did you know that there are two other NWCs in the Middle Tennessee Presbytery?  There are. Their names are Evangelical Presbyterian Arabic Church (EPAC) and Rock Eternal. Both are groups of people from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and possible other Middle Eastern countries that have banded together to create Presbyterian churches here in the greater Nashville area.  Both are located mostly in Southeastern Davidson County.  
Rock Eternal is meeting at Priest Lake Presbyterian and the Priest Lake pastor and Session are trying to provide what type of support they can (mostly a place to meet, joint activities, mentoring, etc.).The EPAC used to meet at First Presbyterian Church in Nashville, but will be moving to Smyrna Presbyterian Church once they re-open their building. The pastors of both these groups are supporting themselves with other jobs besides being the pastor. The Rock Eternal paster, Wael Sous, works full time and I’m unsure if he is getting any money from this congregation.  The EPAC pastor was full time at the church, but has recently had to go part time and get an outside part time job to help support his family.
As you pray for the success of Telos, please keep these two congregations in your prayers also. If you happen to know people in Presbyterian churches in that portion of the county, why not mention the budding churches and make sure others are also aware?

Southminster Presbyterian Church
Building & Grounds Committee
Guidelines for Church Attendance during 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic
Updated June 3, 2020

Southminster Session will attempt to soon get back to normal face to face worship services. Everyone recognizes our local/state/federal government leaders continue to gather more  information for the public regarding the Covid-19 statistics for Nashville.  Session will meet again on September 21, 2020 to recheck Metro requirements to verify when we can reopen.  We will be following rules/suggestions by Metro-State government as well as CDC federal regulations as current information is shared.  The latest guidelines per our understanding are as follows and will be enforced for the safety of all:

  1. All persons will be required to wear a mask including children above the age of 2.  It is strongly suggested that all children stay at home during this questionable time.  A limited number of Masks will be available for those who have forgotten theirs or do not have one.
  2. Church staff are urged to use gloves during the services, but all others are not required to use gloves.  A limited number of gloves will be available for attendees who desire to wear them.
  3. All persons upon entering the building will have their temperature checked (non-invasive) by church staff at the Transept entry doors.  If your temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, you will not be permitted to enter the building.
  4. All persons will follow 6’-0” minimum distance standing or sitting apart.  Pews will be marked for individuals, but groups will have to adjust.  Immediate family members (groups living together) will be allowed to sit together as a family but still must keep proper distance (side to side) from the next family sitting in the same pew.  Note, to maintain the 6’-0” distance (front to back), it will be necessary to skip a pew row, and these will be taped closed at the ends.
  5. All SPC Bibles, Song books, and pencils will be removed prior to Sunday service.  Personal Bibles are allowed and suggested to be brought into the Sanctuary.  Words of Music will be provided in Church Bulletin for SPC.  Telos and EMPC may provide their own method.  Use of screens is okay.
  6. There will be no Choir performances until further notice.
  7. Communion is every first Sunday and will continue to be provided.  Special care will be taken to assure that minimal amounts of contact occur.  Instructions will be given at time of service.
  8. Offerings will be accepted but plates will not be passed around.  There will be plates up front at the Chancel for everyone to place their offering as they enter or leave the Sanctuary.
  9. The only entry/exit to the Sanctuary will be through the Transept by front or back door.  They will be marked for clarity.  The back door remains the handicap entry/exit.  Doors will be propped open to allow entry without touching.  The last congregation leaving will be responsible for locking the doors and wiping down surfaces that were touched.
  10. Admission to the Fellowship Hall is prohibited Sundays except for handicapped individuals needing to use restrooms.  Two restrooms will be open for all others.  The Administrative restroom upstairs and Classroom # 5 downstairs (choir room).  Emergencies will be handled as needed.
  11. The Kitchen will be closed until further notice for Sunday Services.  No coffee will be available.
  12. Hand sanitizers and dispensers will be located throughout the Transept, Sanctuary and Restrooms for your use.  Please do not remove them from their location.
  13. For safety, pew cushions will be removed and stored downstairs until they can be cleaned and safely returned or replaced.  You are invited to bring (remove after service) your own clean seat cushion.
  14. For everyone’s safety, please no hugging or handshaking or fist bumping.
  15. Anyone who has had an elevated temperature, diarrhea, vomiting, shortness of breath or cough, within the last 24-48 hours prior to the Sunday Service, it is strongly suggested you do not attend this first service.  Seek medical advice.
  16. If you have traveled abroad or even to a local Covid-19 “hotspot” within the last two weeks, it is suggested that you wait an appropriate time before trying to attend church services.
  17. Any Committee using the Sanctuary or other spaces during the week shall be responsible for disinfecting the area used.  The Church’s normal cleaning crew will clean on Wednesday and Sunday nights. 
  18. For disinfecting solutions, CDC recommends a bleach solution (Clorox) by mixing 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) bleach per gallon of room temperature water, or in a smaller quantity, 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of room temperature water.  Leave on the surface (wood or metal) at least one minute before wiping.
  19. Metro’s has a 4-phase restart plan which determines the number of occupants allowed in the building along with how many persons per square feet of building space.  Each congregation will be notified prior to restart the number of persons allowed to enter the building.  Pews are spaced every 3 feet apart so it will be necessary to skip a row to maintain the 6-foot distance apart front and back should this still be required.   Southminster and Telos have small congregations and should be able to handle this requirement.  EMPC may have to limit their number to conform to this requirement.  In the Sanctuary proper, minus Chancel (Pastor, Liturgist and Choir area) and Narthex (front entry), we have 30 pews (15 on each side).  Most pews (24) are 11”-8” long which ordinarily would sit 7.7 persons at 18 inches each.  Where structural columns are located, pews (6) are only 10’-2” long and would sit 6.6 persons at 18 inches.  So, without current guidelines, our Sanctuary would ordinarily seat 184.8 persons.  Currently, the 4-phase plan should be complete by the date we anticipate starting but this will need to be verified.
  20. Prior to the start date and time to be determined, B&G Committee members (plus volunteers from each of the 3 congregations) will enter the facility for the purpose of cleaning and preparing the building. 


Sign Team Update (for the Lawn Announcement Sign)

We need just ONE more person for the sign team. It’s a great way to communicate to our neighborhood (and the hundred thousand or so cars that pass by there every day) who and what we are at Telos and Southminster.  If you’re interested, please let Katie Cummings know.

Communication Note:
 Calendar Updates and News are needed
so that they can be included in the
October “Sounds of Southminster” Newsletter.

Please get those important things in to Debi as soon as possible!!! 

                                September 23rd 

 Rev. Beth Smith McCaw 
 Pastor,  Telos at Southminster
615-739-3353 (cell)

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Music Director-Bethany Reynolds; Asst. Nancy Young;
Forrest Fisher, Pianist/Organist
Church Secretary-Debi Goddard-
Southminster Child-Care
Director-Alyssa Dituro; Asst. Director-Susan Christison
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