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February 2020 Newsletter
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 The Sounds of Southminster

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
   whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life;
   of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1

          I have grown to love the Psalms because every emotion is exhibited somewhere in this collection of poetry.  If I feel joyful, there is a psalm for that feeling.  If I feel angry or rejected, there is a psalm for those feelings as well.  I have gradually gained the confidence to share these feelings of fear, anger, and disappointment with God primarily because the writers of the Psalms shared their feelings.
          In the last week of January, Psalm 27:1-6 was part of the lectionary text and the words really resonated with me.  In times when the world seems so crazy and so broken, I can be fearful about what the future holds.  What is going to happen to the church if people continue to leave?  What is going to happen to our country and how will it be torn apart by the 2020 election?  What kind of world will my children inherit if climate change continues?  The list can go on, and you probably have a list yourself. 
In the midst of all this uncertainty, Psalm 27 popped up and the psalmist said, God is my light and salvation, so what can scare me? Whom shall I fear?   This psalm made me ask a different set of questions: how can I trust God amidst all the uncertainty in this life?  What is my role if God is an integral part of my life?  If God is my light, how can I use that light and be that light so others do not need to walk in fear? 
Fear is a natural feeling but fear can isolate and immobilize us into inaction.  This isolation and stagnation is what causes so much harm.  We must band together as people of a loving and caring God in order to bring God’s life to others.  If we shine God’s light into the darkness, the shadows will be exposed and fear can be alleviated.  Let us all work toward that goal!

Grace and peace,  Evelyn



                      Saturday, February 8th, 2020
              8:00 am -Fellowship Hall

Girl's Breakfast Out
February 8th, 8:30 am
Puffy Muffin, Franklin Rd. 


Image result for scout sunday" 
February 9, 2020





Karen Hollis  -1st
  Lanette Boyd - 4th
  Pearl Kendy - 11th
   Beth McCaw - 13th
         Steve Chambers - 23rd
     Pat McDonald - 25th

                                         SMALL IS BIG
Southminster's Alternative Giving is a small project with a big impact. During this Advent and Christmas season,
Southminster members and friends contributed:

$1,605 through the Presbyterian Gift Catalog. These gifts will bejoined with contributions from many other PCUSA churches to provide education, training, empowerment, and livelihood for people in need at home and around the world.

  • $1,740 toward the cost of medicines, interpreters, and supplies for the Presbytery's Medical Mission Team that will conduct medical clinics in northern Guatemala in March 2020. This may be the first time Southminster has participated in this annual medical mission, and our gifts will help enormously.
  • $2,000 for gift cards for 100 families of children at Norman Binkley Elementary School.
  • $733 for Christmas Joy Offering. This offering is divided equally between support for Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color and for assistance with critical financial needs of current and retired church workers and their families.


In Honor of Rev. Tracy Williams
Sewing Machine  -  Given by Jannette & Steve Chambers
 In Honor of Rev. Bruce William
Family of Chickens - Given by Jannette & Steve Chambers
Educate a Child - Given by Jannette & Steve Chambers
 In Honor Rev. Evelyn Graham & Rev. Beth McCaw
Guatemala Supplies - Given by Pat McDonald
In Honor of Safe Haven Volunteers
Garden Well (share) - Given by Pat McDonald
In Memory of Maury McDonald
Educate a Child - Given by Pat McDonald
In Honor of Emily Whitaker
Beekeeping - Given by John & Nancy Roberts
In Honor of Tom Maxwell
Supplies for Displaced Students - Given by Jen Maxwell
 In Honor of Molly Maxwell 
Supplies for Displaced Students - Given by Jen Maxwell
 In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Guatemala -Given by Bob Tate
 In Honor of Pat McDonald
Guatemala - Given by David Johnson
In Honor of our Grandchildren (Grace, Luke, Parker, Kendall, Will, Kaitlyn)
Guatemala -  Given by Kent & Emily McCluskey

In Honor of Rev. Beth McCaw
Educate a Child - Given by Susan & Terry Christison
 In Honor of Avery Dorris (granddaughter)
Piglet -  Given by Pat McDonald
 In Memory of Marinus & Jane VanderMeer
Piglets -Given by Paul VanderMeer
In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Sewing Machine - Given by Barbara Cobb
 In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Piglet -Given by Barbara Cobb
 In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Farming Tools - Given by Barbara Cobb
 In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Women’s Empowerment Project - Given by Barbara Cobb
In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Refugee Food Basket -Given by Barbara Cobb
 In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Guatemala -Given by Barbara Cobb
In Honor Southminster Presbyterian
Guatemala -Given by Annette Hendrix
In Honor of Pat McDonald
Women’s Empowerment -Given by Susan Johnson
 In Honor of Southminster
Family of Chickens -Given by Lynn & Honor Edwards    
In Honor of Linda Edwards
Women’s Empowerment - Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
In Honor of Stephen Edwards                                                     
Water Filter -Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
In Memory of JoAnn Hansel                                                        
Women’s Empowerment - Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
 In Memory of Jani Kendy
Sewing Machine -Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
In Memory of Vernon Adcock
Educate a Child -Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
 In Memory of J. Harold Jackson
Garden Well Share -Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
In Honor of Barbara Cobb
Guatemala - Given by Evelyn & Brent Graham
In Honor of Barbara Cobb
Guatemala -Given by Cathy Rader
In Honor of Barbara Cobb
Guatemala - Given by Judy Sias
 In Honor of Pat McDonald
Guatemala -Given by Kelly McDonald
In Honor of Rev. Evelyn Graham
Family of Chickens - Given by Susan & Terry Christison
 In Honor of Pat McDonald
Guatemala - Given by Michael & Carrie Dorris
 In Honor of Barbara Cobb

Guatemala -Given by Judy Baker

These gifts will keep on giving to people in need. 
THANKS for your generosity. 




On Sunday February 2, millions of Americans will tune into the Super Bowl football game. There will be food and fun for many people watching the game. At the same time, there will be people struggling to feed themselves and their families for the day.
The Souper Bowl of Caring is a national movement started by youth.  Youth believed they could use the energy around our nation’s biggest sporting event to inspire Americans to make a difference. For the past several years, we have partnered with our Scout Troop for this event. The scouts collect canned goods from the community. The church will collect food and monetary donations during January and through February 9th (our Scout Sunday).
 The scouts will bring their donations on February 9th.
Southminster, with the help of our scouts, will once again join groups across America to do our part! Please bring HEALTHY non-perishable food items or money to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank on or before February 9th.

  Bible Verse for January:

You have been a refuge for the poor,
a refuge for the needy in his distress,
a shelter from the storm
and a shade from the heat. Isaiah 25:4

 Make checks out to Southminster and put ‘Second Harvest’ on the ‘for’ line. Cash donations will be collected on February 9th. If you want to make a cash donation before February 9th, put it in an envelope, and write Second Harvest on the envelope.

Souper Bowl Sunday and Second Harvest
Southminster has participated for several years in the Souper Bowl collection of food.The proceeds of this go locally to Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee.So what is Second Harvest?
Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee has served the Middle Tennessee area since 1978.Forty six counties are served by food and money collected from people just like us.Food is donated by grocery stores, restaurants, individuals, businesses and some farmers.It is sorted at the warehouse, then given or sold very cheaply to nonprofits that provide food services.Davidson County has 14 emergency food box locations, where people in need of food can get enough food for their family, up to three times in a six month period.These sites require identification and proof of residency in Nashville. In addition, between March and October, a produce truck delivers almost fresh produce to 8 different locations every week – without any identification need.When the truck comes you get two grocery bags and whatever you can put into those bags you get to take home with you.The food is often past the “best by” date, but is still good – and it is free.The third way of distributing food is through a mobile pantry.For these sites – which vary in location and timing – a semi-truck full of food is delivered to the pantry site. Volunteers sort the food into various places throughout a gymnasium or other large room.People have arrived earlier in the day to get a number for their entry.They are given a grocery shopping cart with a large box in it and as they pass through all the food, they are told how many items of that type (fruit, vegetables, bread, deserts, etc.) they can get.Many people can walk away from the mobile pantries with an overflowing grocery cart’s worth of food. Second Harvest now also oversees the distribution of food for the Senior Commodity food program.
In 2019, 600,000 pounds of food are distributed each week (and a pound of food is generally equal to about 1.2 meals). Nine million pounds of fresh produce were provided to those who need it most. 7,778 children received healthy meals and snacks through the Kids Café and BackPack programs. These were made possible in part through over 91,000 volunteer hours helping to sort the donated food.
Join us this year in our Souper Bowl Sunday collection of food and money!




Desperate Need!!
Size small
pants (khaki, black, navy) for boys. Size 6/7.
This will help if there are "accidents" at school!

Contact: Tammy Dryden
School Improvement Team Lead / Family Engagement Specialist

Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS)
Norman Binkley Elementary
4700 West Longdale Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211
(615) 333-5037 X145105

February 22, 2020. 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
in Fellowship Hall.

$50 per person.
Contact Alyssa Dituro,


February 25 at 6:00 pm
Volunteers: Judy Chambers, Pat McDonald, Paul Vandermeer,
Cathy Rader and Annette Hendrix



in a world of disaster, hunger, and oppression

Millions of people lack access to sustainable food sources, clean water, sanitation, education, and opportunity.

The three programs supported by One Great Hour of Sharing -
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the Presbyterian Hunger Program, and Self-Development of People
- all work in different ways to serve individuals and communities in need. From initial disaster response to ongoing community development, their work fits together to provide people with safety, sustenance, and hope.

              Offerings collected February 26 - April 12

 Richard C. Hollis Memorial Scholarship

 Kathryn C. Hollis, his wife, Richard C. Hollis, III, his son, and  Betty Sue Minton, his daughter established the Richard C. Hollis, Jr, Scholarship in his memory.  Richard Hollis’ extended family has a long history of supporting continuing education by establishing scholarship programs in Tennessee, primarily in his hometown area of Lawrence County.  Richard had been a member of Southminster Presbyterian Church since 1963.
The Richard C. Hollis Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to a member of Southminster Church who is attending or plans to attend a post high school program for many years.

Who is eligible?
  •  Any active member of Southminster Presbyterian Church who has been accepted to attend an institution of higher education.
  • Any active member of Southminster Presbyterian Church who is currently pursuing higher education.
  • Any age of student who is or will be pursuing higher education.
  • Any students who have not previously been awarded this scholarship, even if they have applied in past years.

If you wish to contribute to this ongoing, worthwhile fund, designate donations as:                                                     “Richard C. Hollis"
                           This fund has grown yearly since its inception.  
See Annette Hendrix for an application and return it to
Debi in the church office.
The deadline for return of applications and
supporting documents is Wednesday, April 15.
Applications are available for the 2020 Scholarship at this time.

A group of six people from Southminster and Telos at Southminster got together to come up with a set of measures that will help us track our progress into the next few years.   These measures will document the financial and membership health of both Southminster Presbyterian Church and Telos at Southminster.  Many of the items in the Progress report are pieces of information that we have available already, but one difference is that once a quarter, we will put the results into the Newsletters for all to see.  

Here are the measures, with a brief description:
Level of unrestricted assets (combined congregations) – the amount of checking, savings, and investment resources we have that are not promised for something else, like payroll taxes or designated funds
Income and Expenses versus the budget – in 2020, we are going to track income and expenses separately for Telos and Southminster.  This item will show the quarterly numbers compared to what we budgeted.
Rolling cash flow– this will project finances into the future to let us have a good idea of when we need to move money from the savings account or sell investments to have operating cash.
Dollars withdrawn from savings compared to budgeted planned withdrawals – we hope to withdraw less than what is budgeted, but this will tell us for sure how we are doing on that.
Adopt A Sunday progress (Telos)– Telos hopes to get at least $10,000 in Adopt A Sunday money.
Pledge fulfillment (Southminster)–once a quarter we will look at the percentage of pledged givers that are current on their giving when compared to their pledge.
Quarterly average attendance- both congregations count people attending worship service. This will summarize those numbers on a quarterly basis, separating children and adults into separate counts.
Change in membership (reported annually) – tracked by the Clerk of Session, now this will be reported to you as well
Adult baptisms, Child baptisms – reported annually, also being tracked by the Clerk of Session and reported to you
% Presbytery meetings where we are represented with 1 lay person and 2 pastors – reported annually.  There are only four Presbytery meetings a year, so possible results are 100, 75, 50, 25 and 0. Let’s shoot for 100%.


Communication Note:
 Calendar Updates and News are needed so that they can
be included in the 
March 2020 “Sounds of Southminster” Newsletter.
Please get those important things in to Debi as soon as possible!!! 

                                February 23rd 



Rev. Evelyn Graham – Pastor, Southminster
Church Email:
Instagram: #southminsternashville

                                         Rev. Beth Smith McCaw – Pastor, Telos at Southminster                                   
Instagram: #telosatsouthminster

Music Director-Bethany Reynolds; Asst. Nancy Young;
Forrest Fisher, Pianist/Organist
Church Secretary-Debi Goddard-

Southminster Child-Care
Director-Alyssa Dituro; Asst. Director-Susan Christison

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