LUQ LTER November 2015
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Reminder: The January meeting will be held on the 12th and 13th, 2016 

Whendee Silver named UC Berkeley's Faculty Climate Action Champion


Whendee Silver, professor of environmental science, policy, and management at UC Berkeley and LUQ-LTER Co-PI, was named UC Berkeley's first Faculty Climate Action Champion. The award is  "designed to help meet and focus student demand for climate-action education and to inspire other faculty members to help achieve carbon neutrality through engaged research and education." Silver and her group are focusing on how they can use soils to increase the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide absorbed by ecosystems, thus slowing climate change. The award provides Silver with $25,000 to use towards developing and enhancing her research. Congratulations!

Read the full article here

LUQ-LTER Monthly Meetings
Presentations from the October 13th, 2015 meeting focusing on preliminary effects of the 2015 drought can be downloaded here.

Please mark your calendars for the upcoming monthly meetings:
November 17th, 2015: 1 pm EST, 2 pm AST: Update on CTE and planning for the January meeting 
December 8th, 2015, 
1 pm EST, 2 pm AST
January 12th, 2016, 1 pm EST, 2 pm AST

All meetings are held over the web using the GoTo meeting software.
Special section of BioScience: Tropical Forest Responses to Large-Scale Experiments
"A collation of six synthesis articles covering recent large-scale field experiments that have been highly influential in tropical ecology and that further our understanding of how these forests will respond to global environmental change." 

Click here for access to the editorial by Aaron Shiels and Grizelle González.

Managing Watersheds for Ecosystem Services in the Steepland Neotropics
Edited by Hall, Jefferson S.; Kirn, Vanessa; Yanguas-Fernández, Estrella
Click here to access this article
This publication represents a synthesis of themes discussed in the conference "Watershed Management for Ecosystem Services in Human Dominated Landscapes of the Neotropics" and includes recent research and practices related to watershed management in the region. It provides a biophysical understanding of ecosystem function for key land uses in the area, summarizes ecosystem services, addresses the implications of climate and land use change, and provides socio-economic foundations of ecosystem services and advances in the region. The report presents a road map for improving watershed management and provides selected case studies to illustrate examples of where advances are being made.
The publication can be downloaded as a pdf, or used interactively on the web. A Spanish language version will be released soon
LUQ members Noelia Báez Rodríguez, Jess Zimmerman, Sarah Stankavich, and Ivia Moreno enjoying some time in Rocky Mountain National Park between working groups at the All Scientists Meeting in                                                          August. 
Other Publications

Bachelot, B., M. Uriarte, J. Thompson, and J.K. Zimmerman. 2015.
     Advantages of living at the extremes: Tree seedlings at intermediate
     abundance in a tropical forest have the highest richness of
     aboveground enemies and suffer most damage. Journal of Ecology.

Hall, S. H. and W. L. Silver. 2015. Synergisms among reactive
     minerals and reducing conditions explain spatial patterns of soil carbon
     in humid tropical forest soils. In press, Biogeochemistry.
Click here to access this article

Hall, S. J., G. McNicol, T. Natake, and W. L. Silver. 2015. Rapid turnover
     of tropical forest soil carbon is largely independent of soil properties. 
     Biogeosciences doi:10.5194/bg-12-2471-2015.

Hall, S. J., W. L. Silver, V. I. Timokhin, and K. E. Hammel. 2015. Redox
     fluctuations increase the contribution of lignin to soil respiration. 
     In press, Global Change Biology.

Gentine, P, M. Guérin, M. Uriarte, N. McDowell and W. Pockman. 2015. An
     allometry-based model of the survival strategies of hydraulic failure
     and carbon starvation. Ecohydrology.
Click here to access this article

Kelly, S. P., E. Cuevas, & A. Ramírez (2015). Stable isotope analyses of  
     web-spinning spider assemblages along a headwater stream in
     Puerto Rico. PeerJ 3:e1324; DOI 10.7717/peerj.1324
Click here to access this article

Kress, J.W, C. Garcia-Robledo, M. Uriarte, and D. Erickson. 2014. DNA
     barcodes for ecology, evolution, and conservation. Trends in Ecology
     and Evolution.
Click here to access this article

Lasky, J., B. Bachelot, R. Muscarella, N. Schwartz, N. G. Swenson, J. K.
     Zimmerman, J. Thompson, C. J. Nytch, J. Forero-Montaña and M.
     Uriarte. 2015. Ontogenetic shifts in trait-mediated mechanisms of
     plant community assembly. Ecology 96:2157–2169.
Click here to access this article

Letcher, S.G.,  J.R. Lasky, N. Norden, R.L. Chazdon, A. Andrade, J.L.
     Andrade-Torres, P. Balvanera, J.M. Becknell, T.V. Bentos, R. Bhaskar,
     F. Bongers, V.S. Boukili, D.A. Clark, D.B. Clark, D. Craven, A.
     DeFrancesco, J.M. Dupuy, B.G. Finegan, E. González-Jiménez, J.S.
     Hall, K.E. Harms, P. Heitz, J.L. Hernández-Stefanoni, D. Kennard, T.J.
     Killeen, S.G. Laurance, M.W.M. Lohbeck, M. Martínez-Ramos, P.E.S.
     Massocca, J.A. Meave, R.C.G. Mesquita, F. Mora, R. Muñoz Avilés, R.
     Muscarella, H. Paz, E. Pérez-García , F. Pineda-García, J.S. Powers, R.
     Quesada-Monge, E. Romero-Pérez, M.E. Sandor, L. Sanaphre-
     Villanueva, E. Schüller, N.G. Swenson, A. Tauro, M. Uriarte, M. van
     Breugel, O. Vargas-Ramírez, A. Wendt, G.B. Williamson, S.J. Wright.
     2015. Pioneer genealogy: Evolutionary relatedness, trait conservatism,
     and successional habitat affinity in tropical trees. Journal of Ecology.

Liptzin, D. and W. L. Silver. 2015. Spatial patterns in oxygen and redox
     sensitive biogeochemistry in tropical forest soils. In press, Ecosphere.

Locatelli, B., C. Catterall, P. Imbach,  K. Chetan, R. Lasco, E. Marin-
     Spiotta, B.  Mercer, J. Powers, N. Schwartz, and M. Uriarte. 2015.
     Tropical reforestation and climate change: Beyond carbon. Restoration

McNicol, G. and W. L. Silver. 2015. High sensitivity of CO2 and
     CH4 emissions to low oxygen availability in a peatland
     soil. Biogeochemistry 123:299-306.

Muscarella, R., M. Uriarte, D. L. Erickson, N. G. Swenson, J. K.
     Zimmerman, and W. J. Kress. 2014. A well-resolved phylogeny of the
     trees of Puerto Rico based on DNA barcode sequence data.
     ONE 9(11): e112843. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0112843
Click here to access this article

Muscarella, R., M. Uriarte, D. L. Erickson, N. G. Swenson, J. K.
     Zimmerman, W. J. Kress. In press. Climate and Biodiversity Effects on
     Standing Biomass in Puerto Rican Forests. Caribbean Forester.

Muscarella, M., M. Uriarte, T. M. Aide, D. L. Erickson, J. Forero-Montaña,
     W. J. Kress, N. G. Swenson, J. K. Zimmerman. In press. Functional
     convergence and phylogenetic divergence during secondary succession
     of subtropical wet forests in Puerto Rico. J Vegetation Science.

Poorter and many co-authors. 2015. Does tropical forest tree diversity
     enhance carbon storage? Global Ecology and Biogeography.

Umaña, M.N, J. Forero-Montaña, R. Muscarella, C. J. Nytch, J. Thompson,
     M. Uriarte, J. K. Zimmerman, and N. G. Swenson. 2015. Inter-specific
     functional similarity and intra-specific negative density dependence
     underlie the seed to seedling transition in tropical trees. American

Uriarte,M., J. Thompson, B. Turner and J.K. Zimmerman. 2015. Linking
     spatial patterns of leaf litterfall and soil nutrients in a tropical forest: A
     neighborhood approach. Ecological Applications.
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