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  • Celebrating One Year Anniversary at CDM
           • Boquete Coffee and Flower              Festival History
           • Casa de Montaña keep             growing and changing!

• Social Hour at Casa de Montaña
• Presidential Resolution for                 Boquete, Panama
Blog by Terry Richmeier & Manzar Lari

January 10th, 2015, marks the one-year anniversary of Casa de Montaña Bed and Breakfast! We have had a joyous and productive first year that has been full of growth and pleasure in having guests make Casa de Montaña their home away from home.

It all started with our open house just days before we opened. We had around 350 people attend over a 5-hour period – it was mind-boggling!  Our first guests, Panamonte Estates residents, wanted to stay with us to check out the rain shower and see how it worked and the open floor plan of the bathroom. This couple was looking at possibly remodeling their home to incorporate something similar. Along with our local guests, we had a lovely couple from Amsterdam that joined us and a couple from the Chiriquí region. This turned out to be a very successful opening night!

 Just days after our opening, we were lucky enough to have the ex-president’s staff and right hand man and his family stay with us. They were here during the flower festival and had rented the whole Bed and Breakfast. It was an incredible compliment to have them here during that time.

We sponsored several events and organizations last year that included Amigos de Animales (friends of the animals), Buenos Vecinos de Boquete (good neighbors of Boquete), Boquete Knitters Group, Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival and Bid 4 Boquete. Sometimes we provided our time and skills and other times...
At Casa de Montaña, we have six different rooms available. Whether you’re in Boquete, Panama for an adventurous vacation or simply want to relax, we have a room for you!
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The Boquete Coffee and Flower Festival History
Blog by Andres Lay

La Feria de las Flores y Café (Coffee and Flower Festival) is a nonprofit organization created by Act No. 40. The Coffee Festival first started in 1950. Initially, the exhibition was an intermittent event being held only when the community was organized for it.  From 1950-1969 the Coffee Festival, as it was then called, was performed only four times (1950, 1957, 1961 and 1969). On April 9, 1970, one day before the opening of the fifth festival, the district was affected by severe flooding. Faced with this adversity, Boquete, far from surrendering, decided one year later to establish this fair on a permanent basis - an exhibition to show the country the best of its production, its flowers and coffee. One in three Boquetenians lost his home and a historical review of the Feria de las Flores and Cafe records that in 1971, a year after the tragedy, with the initiative of Carlos Enrique Landau (Andres’s grandfather), Alberto Federico de Alba and the presidency José Isabel Ruiz, held the sixth festival of coffee. Decision was made to beautify the town and the festival queen, Miss Brenda Aguilar, was crowned. The Sunday Medical Park was the scene of festivity, according to the review.

From 1973 Coffee Festival became the Coffee and Flower Festival and then until 1991 it took place every April. In the beginning of the 1990s the date of the festival was changed to January in order to take advantage of the dry season. Since then, Boquete Fair is performed for 10 days. La Feria de las Flores and Cafe is one of the best fairs in Panama. The organization and execution of this event goes through a series of planning stages and the most important of this planning is the preparation of the fair grounds that start in May of the previous year. The gardens surrounded by colorful flowers are the...
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Casa de Montaña – We keep growing and changing!
Blog by Terry Richmeier

We know that changes are continual and are part of what one has to do to make the space look nice and well taken care of. Keeping up with all the upkeep and changes can be a challenge and Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast is no different. We are taking it in our stride and try to keep a positive attitude. This positive attitude comes in handy when one wants to be creative!
We are fortunate enough to have had all of our staff working with us for an entire year now. We have been able to meet incredible guests who have taught us an amazing amount and we have created worldwide friendships.
And we too need to continue to grow. Here are some of our New Year’s developments:
  • We have hired a professional gardener who has been planting tropical trees, trimming, weeding and moving plants around the property. This has created a much more of a cohesive look, especially on the hill around the main water feature.
  • We’ve adjusted the Sunday’s Panamanian Breakfast to be completely vegetarian and have changed the recipes to be more authentic to Panama. (Previously, we were told by one of our workers that we had actually been using recipes that were more Costa Rican than Panamanian! Oops!).
  • We’ve created a new and different Friday Mexican Breakfast that has been quite well-received. You can read about this on our website:

  • We began offering “Pakistani/Indian Cooking Classes” for locals and guests staying with us during our class time. We have added a link to our website with the recipes:
  • We have created a video and posted it on our “Directions” tab to get you to Casa de Montaña once you enter Alto Boquete on Boquete-David road. This is in addition to the original video on the main page that showcases the home.
  • We have added a Boquete Relocation tab for those who are looking at a possible move to Boquete, Panama.
  • We have created a “Boquete Overview Tour” designed just for you to get to see all the neighborhoods and communities here in Boquete. So you can make an informed decision. You can check this out on our website:
  • We have placed a new Panamanian flag out in front of Casa de Montaña in order to be a part of the community and pride of Panama.
  • We have placed two new signs on the road, one at the beginning of Downtown Boquete (aka Bajo Boquete) to indicate 2.5 km distance to Casa de Montaña and the other one by La Posada Restaurant to indicate that we are only 1.0 km up the hill from there.
  • We have partnered with Boquete Outdoor Adventures to offer package tours and stays for a discounted price for you. See our ad on our website:
  • Here is a photo of some of our recent guests during Social Hour!

So, as we look toward 2015 and beyond, we are envisioning great times spent providing the best possible services to all of our guests or should we say “our new friends”!?!  You are the reason we are here and when you come and stay at Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast, you are coming home!

Social Hour at Casa de Montaña – Red or White Wine or do you prefer a Beer?
Blog by Terry Richmeier

So, you are on vacation and you have chosen to stay with Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast and you are getting ready for our Social Hour. You may wonder why we include a glass of wine or beer when you stay with us. Well, not only do we want you to be able to relax, we also want you to know that we believe there are some health benefits of drinking a glass of wine or a beer and that during vacation time continued mental health as well as physical health can be as easy as relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine or beer.


Is red wine the fountain of youth or a potent poison? Is enjoying a glass of red wine during social each evening beneficial to your health? Current research suggests that a glass of red wine each day may be providing you with more than just a little relaxation.

And how about white wine? Does that have the same benefits as red? What about a cold beer? Is there anything beneficial there?
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Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast and Presidential Resolutions for Boquete, Panama - year 2015
Blog by Andres Lay
At Casa de Montaña, we are taking a special interest in finding out what it means to have a new Panamanian president and a new mayor of Boquete. How will that impact the country and our neighborhoods? Which campaign promises are going to be carried out and how soon? How do the local laws and resolutions compare to what we used to see in the U.S.?

In the U.S., resolutions are passed in the local City governments, State governments as well as the Federal Government and other public assemblies. The purpose of these resolutions is an expression of the opinion or will of a legislative body. These bodies use resolutions for two purposes. First, resolutions express their consensus on matters of public policy: lawmakers routinely deliver criticism or support on a broad range of social issues, legal rights, court opinions, and even decisions by the Executive Branch. Second, they pass resolutions for internal, administrative purposes. Resolutions are not laws; they differ fundamentally in their purpose. However, under certain circumstances resolutions can have the effect of law.

In essence, laws are intended to permanently direct and control matters applying to persons or issues in general; moreover, they are enforceable. By contrast, resolutions expressing the views of lawmakers are limited to a specific issue or event. They are neither intended to be permanent nor to be enforceable. Nor do they carry the weight of court opinions. In a certain respect, they resemble the opinions expressed by a newspaper on its editorial page, but they are nonetheless indicative of the ideas and values of elected representatives and, as such, commonly mirror the outlook of voters.

Here in Panama, the “Asamblea Nacional” (National Congress) is where all the laws in Panama are created and approved by votes. The congress perform the legislative power in Panama, is composed of 71 elected legislators and they cast their vote on proposed laws for a period of five years. The congress meets for eight months, divided into two terms of four months each, one that will run from July 1 to October 31, and again from 2 January to 30 April. Its function is to issue laws necessary to fulfill the purposes and exercise the functions of the State. Each province and regions in Panama have its own legislator as a part of the congress. In order for a law be approved, the majority of the congress has to be in favor of that law.


Some of the new laws that are going to be looked at in 2015 by the Congress are as follows:

These are some of the laws to be approved by the congress, there are tons of other one. The above ones a few examples just for you to have an idea of the laws being worked on.

For the next 5 years the 2014 elected President of Panama has government resolutions for his term to be completed. Some of the government resolutions for his term are:
  • Creating new permanent regional markets and municipal slaughterhouses.
  • Bilingual education in all public schools and increased days of class.
  • Plan massive renovation and expansion of public schools and construction of 50 new schools.
  • Improvement "Universal Scholarships" and extension to college students.
  • The construction of 15 health centers and 4 new hospitals, including a Cancer Hospital in the province of Chiriqui.
  • The construction of Line 2 and Line 3 of the Metro de Panama (subway system).
  • Construction of fourth bridge over the Canal and new access to Arraijan-La Chorrera highway.
In Boquete, the new Mayor has different resolutions for the good and improvement of the community. Some of his resolutions are to finish the new marketplace for vegetable vendors (located across from Romero), the maintenance of the Caldera River so we can prevent a flood in the area, the repair of the water problems in Volcancito and Alto Boquete and more. Right now the election of the new governor is still being contested so we have no resolution or new laws to be approved for the region of Boquete, Dolega and Gualaca as they need to go into a vote process again.


Casa de Montaña Bed & Breakfast also has some resolutions for the up and coming year. We want to continue to give you the best personal service possible and provide you with a clean and comfortable space that you can make your home for the time you are in Boquete, Panama! We want to work and grow together as a team to give you respite from your daily lives and re-focus you back on you. 

For us that are English speaking, we want to learn Spanish and for those of us that speak Spanish only, we want to learn English. The reason for this is that we can all serve each one of you and make you feel the most comfortable possible.

Casa de Montaña wants to work towards and get to the place where you say, “My home away from home”!

Upcoming events


     • January 8 to 18
Boquete Coffee & Flower Fair
      • February 4 to 8
Boquete Jazz and Blues Festival

     • February 14 to 17
         Panama Carnival

Did you Know?
1. It is proper to tip the staff that cleans your room in either a hotel or B&B

2. Copa Airlines started flights from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City to David? This will ensure better connections with international flights!


3. Air Panama's flight from David to Panama City are lower now, because of the new competitor.
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