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With my colleague Robert on his last day with Agape StudentLife on the intro day in Rotterdam. August 2015

'I am an atheist, but sure we can talk'

Our weekly conversations with students about faith, God and the meaning of life have started again. With my colleague Miranda we approached a few students this week and talked about world views, God and the meaning of life. Right from the beginning of our conversation John told us that he was an atheist. He was very confident and also proud that he helped his parents see that their traditional Christian ‘faith’ is a kind of fairy tale. He also thought that the God of the Bible was a brutal God who has done horrible things in the Old Testament. He mentioned Noah and the ark and all the innocent infants who died during the flood.

While John was talking I thought that he was influenced by the New Atheists. Indeed John told us that he was influenced by one of them and tried to remember the name of the one that influenced him most. I mentioned Christopher Hitchens and John said ‘yes, that’s the one’. We tried, the best we could, to reply to some of his arguments against theism that he brought up. I mentioned that it would be good to listen to some of the debates Hitchens had with Christian apologists such as Alister McGrath and John Lennox.

John showed interest and I wrote the names of these apologists on my business card and gave it to him. Pray for John and for the many students who are influenced by different world-views that are a poor substitute to the God of the Bible. 

'Yes, I would like to continue with CONNECT'

In my April News letter I mentioned a student who showed some interest to further investigate the Christian faith. He was willing to continue CONNECT and I will meet with him this week for the third session. CONNECT helps students understand the basics of the Christian faith. It is always encouraging to meet students who are willing to go a step further and find out more about God and his plan for this world.

I would like to thank you for your partnership in the student ministry. Please keep the students in prayer. May God enable us reach as many students as possible this year. 
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