3 Weeks in the Books

This week of the session it seems as though things are moving pretty quickly. We had a wonderful time celebrating the Lunar New Year at the Capitol, along with other amazing guests and advocates. It's wonderful to see all of the people in our communities come together for the things they believe in the most. 

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Happening on the Hill

H.B. 18 Intimate Image Distribution Amendments Finished passing through the House and the Senate this year. It is now headed for the Gov. desk for him to sign. This bill cleaned up a bill from last year dealing with the sharing of images edited to make them appear to be intimate photos of an individual so that minors who share photos of other minors are not punished the same as adults who share images of minors. 

H.B. 24 Employment Advisory Council Amendments also passed through the House and Senate successfully. This bill changed the sunset date for the Employment Advisory Council from 2022 to 2032.

I filed a request for appropriations for the funding for the Utah Ethnic and Mining Museum of Magna. I was very grateful to have Former Rep. Duckworth join me in presenting this to committee this week. She has always been such an amazing mentor. We will know in a few weeks if the funding has been approved.
Magna has an amazing history. If you have ever been to this museum then you know that they put in so much effort to keep that history alive. They are located at 9056 W. Magna Main. Take some time this week to stop in and learn more about our wonderful history. 

H.B. 100 Emergency Preparedness Amendments was heard in committee on Friday. I am very proud of how it was presented. Utah is in a dangerous position when we have another larger earthquake. In March of 2020, the epicenter of the earthquake we experience was in Magna and that is where we saw most, but not all of the damage of unreinforced masonry. The purpose of this bill was to create the Office of Earthquake Preparedness and would have given them $10 million to start working on projects to spread public awareness about earthquake safety and help get federal grant money to help people retrofit their houses so that they are more earthquake safe. Unfortunately, this bill was voted down in committee. I will continue to keep advocating for the safety of our community and I know that we can do better to be more prepared. 

I would like to say thank you, to the professionals who came to share their expertise on this bill as well as those who also came to speak in support. You can listen to the full audio of our presentation HERE

In The Works

H.B. 84 Child Support Limitations is still in the works. This bill repeals the statute of limitations for child support orders. Currently, after a child becomes an adult, a person who is owed back child support, whether it be $100 or $10,000, only has four years to collect the back owed child support. This bill will extend that time by eight years for collection. It was presented in committee last week, I will be making some revisions and will be presenting it again soon. 

Capital punishment has been a hot topic this year. I recently posted a simple survey on Facebook asking for your opinions. If you haven't seen it or filled it out yet, you can Click Here to share your opinions on the matter. I hope to hear what you think about keeping or not keeping capital punishment in Utah. 

Townhall Recap

We had wonderful conversations in our town hall yesterday. Thank you to everyone who participated and showed up to make sure the issues that are most important to you were heard. The main topic was education funding and that is something that is very important to me as well. I look forward to continuing to support education funding and our teachers in our community. If there is anything you would like to discuss in detail that didn't get covered, or if you couldn't attend and would like to still reach out to me in person you can do CLICK HERE to see the best ways to get in to contact with me or just respond to this email. 
Follow Along

Utah's award-winning website set up by the Legislature has set up is the ability to track bills that you are interested in following. To do that you can go to and set up an account. 
Once you create an account you can type in the Bill Number and click "add" and it will send you emails and updates on how the bill is progressing. You can also log in at any time and check the status of the bills you are interested in. 

If you would like to tune into the Legislative Session, you can watch it live, or see past sessions by going to and clicking the Calendar Icon on the main screen. That will pull up the week's schedule and you can click the play icon in any session you would like to watch. As of now, you can go to the calendar and sort by week to tune in to whichever day that's important to you. 

Vaccines are Still Important

We are in a dire time where COVID cases are still growing. I'm glad to see the vaccination rates continuing to rise. I feel like spreading awareness is important. It is still imperative that people get vaccinated to help protect themselves and others. 

All Utahn's age five and up can get vaccinated. Currently, children can only receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. To find a location near you visit I hope that you make the decision to help keep our community safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Booster shots are now available for everyone who has gotten the first two doses. You do not need an underlying medical condition to qualify.
To find a vaccination clinic near you visit

Leg Chair Corner

Message from our House District Chair:

Do you want to become more involved with the Democratic Party? Would you like to help choose which candidates run for office? 
Contact Dave Albertsen at 801-651-1958 to find out how to become a precinct officer, or even become a candidate for elected office. 

Dave Albertsen


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