First Month for the Books

We have officially been in session for a full month. We have made it through the first half of the 45-day session with only three weeks left. Things are as busy as ever. Each of us have spent hours in committee and on the floor. In these committees, lawmakers present their bills for in-depth consideration before they progress to the House or Senate floors. The committees I am currently serving on are the Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee where we hear and discuss bills that have to do with our infrastructure and government operations. Economic Development and Workforce Services Committee where we discuss bills that have to do with child care, local food advisory issues, among other things. Last but not least I have been serving on Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee where we discuss bills that have to do with air quality, electronic vehicle registration, and cyber security. 

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Happening on the Hill

H.J.R.007 passed through the house last week with full support. This joint resolution honors the significant history and contributions of the Sikh community here in Utah. It is expected to pass through the Senate in the next few days. 

In committee this week there was a very controversial bill S.B.88. This bill was allowing people the option to have a digital driver's license accessible through their phone in addition to their paper one. Concerns have been expressed about the security of this feature and that eventually, it may be mandatory instead of voluntary as it would be under this bill. To the first concern, there has already been a pilot program for this, and part of the legislation would require that proper security measures be taken. As to the second, this sort of slippery slope argument is not a good way to decide how we legislate. We cannot know what a future legislature will do, and to govern on the fear of what that unknown future legislature might do could cost us the chance to benefit those who are here now. 

In The Works

I'm currently working on legislation that would make it so tipped employees would need to receive the minimum wage as a base before getting whatever money they receive from tips. Our hospitality industry is struggling to find workers and I believe this is a great first step to getting things back to normal. 

Last week we talked about H.B. 100 which ultimately failed in committee. I am continuing to work on legislation to get funding for an additional full-time employee at the Division of Emergency Management to work on public outreach and research for legislative proposals. Currently, there are over 119 schools in Utah that are built using unreinforced masonry. Most buildings built before 1972 are not up to code. My hope is by offering additional resources to the Division of Emergency Management we can make sure Utah is a safer place when the next earthquake happens. We need to be prepared. To read more on URM schools in Utah you can click HERE.

Follow Along

Utah's award-winning website set up by the Legislature has set up is the ability to track bills that you are interested in following. To do that you can go to and set up an account. 
Once you create an account you can type in the Bill Number and click "add" and it will send you emails and updates on how the bill is progressing. You can also log in at any time and check the status of the bills you are interested in. 

If you would like to tune into the Legislative Session, you can watch it live, or see past sessions by going to and clicking the Calendar Icon on the main screen. That will pull up the week's schedule and you can click the play icon in any session you would like to watch. As of now, you can go to the calendar and sort by week to tune in to whichever day that's important to you. 

Vaccines are Still Important

Vaccines are still readily available. Please do your part and get vaccinated. 

All Utahn's age five and up can get vaccinated. Currently, children can only receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. To find a location near you visit I hope that you make the decision to help keep our community safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Booster shots are now available for everyone who has gotten the first two doses. You do not need an underlying medical condition to qualify.
To find a vaccination clinic near you visit

Leg Chair Corner

Message from our House District Chair:

Do you want to become more involved with the Democratic Party? Would you like to help choose which candidates run for office? 
Contact Dave Albertsen at 801-651-1958 to find out how to become a precinct officer, or even become a candidate for elected office. 

Dave Albertsen


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