Dear EDGE User,

Now there's a demo on how to design a resource-efficient building with EDGE that can be accessed from the software tab of the website. Scroll midway down the page, and click on the video to begin. Select the "full screen" icon in the bottom right-hand corner if you wish.

The new demo provides an example of how to design an office building in Brazil. It serves the following purposes:
  • Provides the basics of how the EDGE software works.
  • Highlights the value that EDGE brings, including through cost calculations and projected savings.
  • Toggles among options to show the intelligence of the software.
In addition, the entire content of the EDGE website is now available in Spanish, and will be translated within a week's time in Bahasa Indonesian. Of course, the software application continues to be available in the six primary languages of EDGE.

Finally, there is a new story about the EDGE green buildings program with a couple of tweetables that appears on the World Bank's climate change platform. We hope you have a few minutes to check it out.

Thank you as always for your support of EDGE.

The EDGE Team