Dear EDGE User,

Our new EDGE Technical Updates will keep you apprised of the latest modifications to the EDGE software, which will continually evolve over time in order to produce results that better reflect reality.

Following are the modifications made in Technical Update No. 1:

EDGE for Homes
  • For the country of Peru, the data for energy, water, and materials has been calibrated, and additional cities have been added to enhance geographical coverage.
EDGE for Hotels, Offices, Retail, and Hospitals
  • For all countries included in EDGE, a minor update has been made to the calculation for energy use for reflective paint for walls and roof, which will slightly impact results going forward.
Due to the technical updates listed above, certain projects saved in EDGE might have slight variations that are more indicative of actual results.

We will keep you informed about technical updates on an ongoing basis. For questions or suggestions for improvements, email us at

Thank you for your support of EDGE.

The EDGE Team