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Engaging with God & Connecting to One Another
Centenary Disciples, 

The Lord be with you . . . and also with you.

You may have heard it said: during a pandemic; outside is always better than inside.  So . . . we have an additional outside venue for your use.  The Youth House Patio is now furnished with 4 tables and chairs with umbrellas. We hope this provides a comfortable "safer space" for your small group, class, meeting, or fellowship.  Please use it at your convenience.  And don't forget about the tent on the green-space that's also available.

(The umbrellas are stored in the Youth House storage closet -- if you let us know, we'll be happy to unlock the youth house patio door so you can access the umbrellas and bathrooms.)

See below, the only CDC guidance I could find with an umbrella on it -- it reminds us to still; wash our hands, wear a face covering, and keep a safe distance -- use your own judgment about wearing your bathing suit.     

Covid-19 Symptom Checker
We’re anxious to hear from you:

The Rev Jonathan Speegle, PhD, Pastor.......................................662-889-7000
Connie Felter, Minister of Discipleship and Visitation.....................601-248-1756
Christopher Hart, Minister of Music, Media, and Arts.....................601-810-5030
Kevin Martin, Minister to Students..................................................601-551-0848
Kathy Walton, Financial Manager...................................................601-551-8723
Bob Raborn, Pianist........................................................................601-551-3735
Bruce Robinson, Custodian............................................................601-551-6298
Send prayer requests to.................................................................601-248-1756
Thoughts by Connie Felter, Minister of Discipleship & Visitation
If we have learned one thing from our Covid experience it is out with the old and in with the new. What is new we might ask – well that is the million-dollar question that no one really seems to have an answer to. It is a given – they way we used to do things no longer exists. And though we might long for those days we can also look forward to the new and unique opportunities we now face. 
Little did we know that as we said goodbye to 2019 (out with the old) we would face the formidable challenges of 2020 (in with the new). In all honesty, is not this what we wish for with the coming of a new year. We are never promised that any new year will be free of challenge and for the most part, we are usually up to challenge. This year is different in that we are all affected by this virus. School has been out since March; graduations were certainly different. Churches and businesses shut down, drive though became the norm, dance and piano recitals, spring sports, vacations – all changed in the blink of an eye. And yet here we are on the downside of the 2020 calendar year. For some there has been tragedy through death and sickness but for the most of us it has been a life lesson in patience, fortitude and endurance and faith. Learning to live in the new has been difficult – there is no denying that. But, learning to live in the new has been a growing experience also. 
As we live out the ending days of this year, it is my hope and prayer that one day we will look back on this time and see that we have grown in multiple ways but especially in our faith journey. We do not like losing control and yet that is what has happened throughout these past months. The realization that we are not and never have been in control hits us hard. but this has been the perfect time to let go and let God – to do our part – wear a mask – stay six feet apart and pray, pray, pray. I do not have any answers, but I know the One who does, and it is my sincere desire to lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord…The Lord will keep [my] going out and [my] coming in from this time forth and forevermore. (Ps 121). The Lord is my Keeper and He is your Keeper and He will do so from this time forth and forevermore. There is no better time than now to look up to our Helper and our Keeper. Think about it…
Disciples Engage with God through Worship
Worship is the most important thing we do as disciples; in fact, the purpose of human life is to glorify God and enjoy him forever; and that is what worship is all about.
Sunday Morning Worship Schedule
Live In Person @ 9:00 am   (Holy Communion, Infant Nursery, No singing)
Live In Person @ 10:30 am (Singing, Infant Nursery)
Live Online @ 10:30 am on YouTube or our Web Page
(Log on early and let us know via chat that you’re present and accounted for)
Click here to download the Order of WorshipKid's Page 3+Kid's Page 7+
Live Over Radio @ 10:30 am on WAKK 1140 AM.  
(If you listen please make a positive post on our Facebook page)

Live Outside @ 6 pm  (Under the tent, in the green space beside the youth building: bring a lawn chair -- cancelled if raining)
10 Things You Should Do Before Live In Person Worship
  1. Take your temperature
    • If you have a temp of 100 or more; If you have any shortness of breath; If you feel unwell – DO NOT ATTEND – but call you doctor, or go to the Emergency Room
  2. Wash your hands 
    • for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
  3. Bring a sweater or jacket
    • It may be cool in the sanctuary as we will be using the air conditioner constantly to increase the flow of fresh air into the worship space
  4. Wear a mask
    • If you forget yours, we have some at the Church
  5. Bring your smart device if you want to use it as a worship aid (orders of worship will be available)
  6. Sanitize your hands at the door
  7. Use non-contact greetings
    • refrain from handshaking, hugging, or touching
  8. Maintain proper distancing
    • gracefully give others permission to say “not too close” 
    • and unless you live under the same roof, sit 6 feet apart.  
  9. Exit carefully and in order, taking your bulletin with you and maintaining distance
  10. If you become symptomatic please let us know immediately 
    • Call Connie (601-248-1756) or Chris (601-810-5030) or leave a message at the Church (601-684-6698)
    • We will not publicize your name; but this will allow us to notify others who may have been in close proximity so they can more attentively monitor their own health
Our Latest Service
This flower date is available: 9/20
Claim your date and text (601-248-1756) or email your memorial designation. You can drop your check for at least $43.00 in the offering plate, the mail, or choose "flowers" on our giving page.
Disciples Engage with God through Holy Sacraments
Holy Baptism & Holy Communion are the ordinary ways God gives us saving grace.
Baptism is our primary connection to Christ; through which we receive the gifts of salvation, the Holy Spirit, and rebirth as a child of God.  Each time you wash your hands (and you should be washing your hands a lot these days) say aloud: I remember that I am baptized, and I am thankful.  
Holy Communion is the chief way we receive grace for the forgiveness of our sins, and the power to live as God’s children.  Every time you eat bread, and every time you drink from a cup, remember the Lord’s death, and pray that soon you can once again gather around his banqueting table.
We need Lay Eucharistic Ministers.  Is God calling you to serve Holy Communion during worship or extend the table by taking Holy Communion out to those who participate online?  Call Dr Speegle (662-889-7000) to express your willingness to be trained for this vital ministry.
Disciples Engage with God through Holy Scripture
When we read and study the bible; we learn more about God, Jesus speaks to us, and we receive grace to love and obey him.
Bible Study -- September 2 @ 5:30 -- God and the Pandemic
Read the daily lectionary to prepare for Sunday.
Daily devotions help us engage with the scripture
  • The Upper Room is available in the Centenary kiosk or download it here.
  • Our church-wide yearly devotional is New Morning Mercies, by Paul David Tripp (available on Amazon).  You can join the Facebook Discussion Group by going to the Church’s Facebook page, then to groups, then choose “join the group.”  For help joining the group contact Chris Hart (601-810-5030).
Disciples Engage with God through Prayer & Fasting
Prayer is how we converse with God who relates to us as our loving Father.  Prayer, fasting, and contemplation are ways we participate in our relationship with God.  
Good prayer practices include:
  1. Praying the Lord’s Prayer daily
  2. Praying grace over meals
  3. Praying upon rising in the morning and before sleeping at night
  4. Praying throughout the week for our prayer concerns.
The Church is open throughout the week for private prayer.  
Remember to wash your hands, keep your distance, and call a staff person to let you in if needed.  

An online option is Morning Prayer with The Upper Room via Facebook Live, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11 am.
When you pray, please remember:
The needs of the church, especially:
Our pastor and staff as they continue their ministry during this crisis.

Those burdened by any kind of difficulty, sickness, or suffering, especially:
Our Members:
Ted Purtell, Jerald Calhoun, Jennifer Gholson, David Yarbrough, Ike Fesmire, Cecilia Clark, Jane Richmond, Becky Schertz, Nancy Felder, Martha Lamkin, Bobbie Kenna, Cindy Price, Hannah Nieman, Dean Kebert, Helen Elise McMillan, Cindy Quayle, Terry Thompson, Lamar Murrell.
Our Friends:
Travis Odom, Preston Rushing, Bill Fish, Curtis McKenzie, Norma Williamson, Harry Plotner, Virginia Griffin, Catherine Grenn Wilfong, Bud Doherty, Debbie Stovall, Tracy Callahan, Marge Smith, Jimmy Clark, Lock Ross, Patsy Brock, Carla Grenn Allen, Will Jones, Emily Mote, Scott and Debbie Perkins, Richard Coghlan, Julie Wallace.

The local community, especially:
School Boards, Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff as they make prepare for the opening of schools.
The public authorities and the salvation of the world, especially: 
All those working to slow the current pandemic.
To request prayer, you can:  Persons added to the prayer list will remain for four weeks, 
after which you may resubmit if desired.
Disciples Engage with God through Acts of Service
God desires a people who freely love him and love each other.  When we do good to each other we are actively loving God.
If you need assistance picking up prescriptions or items form the store, we can help with that.  
Contact Kevin Martin (601-551-0848), Darren Felder (601-248-8038), Teresa Price (601-551-6982), Jennifer Dumas (601-248-0622) and they will match you with someone who will be glad to help.
If you have an idea for a service project or mission outreach that you think the Church should be involved in contact Jennifer Dumas (601-248-0622).
Disciples Engage with God through Fellowship
No one is a Christian alone.  God gave us the Church so that we can hold fast to the confession of our hope without wavering, and so that we could provoke one another to love and good deeds.
The Church has subscribed to ZOOM
If you need to call a meeting, have some small group or Sunday school class time – you can use our subscription – just call Dr Speegle and he’ll send you what you need to make it happen.
Dr Speegle Wants to Visit with You
 You’re Invited @ 10 am
Come to PJ’s + Grab some coffee
Meet on the patio
(in case of rain we’ll meet inside
so bring your mask)
Disciples Engage with God through Giving
We give because God first gave to us.  God is the giver of life and all good gifts, and he desires that we too give generously and cheerfully.  
Please continue to give regularly even when we cannot meet regularly.  
The needs and expenses of the Church continue during crisis.  If you are not a financial supporter of the Church, perhaps now is your time to start.  If you are, perhaps you could give a little extra to make up for those who can’t.  
  1. You may mail your offerings to PO Box 712, McComb 39648
  2. or drop them by the Church Office
  3. or donate by automatic draft
    (Kathy can help you set this up, call 601-684-6698)
  4. or electronically by going to our giving page
    Electronic givers can charge their donation to a debit or credit card.
Give Now
Disciples Engage with God through Contemplation
Through contemplation, the Holy Spirit makes present the mystery of Christ found in a particular passage, sound, or scene, and by it helps you see all things as a reflection of the Father's love and give gratitude. 
An easy way to start contemplative prayer is simply to sit before an image of Christ for 5 minutes; as you behold the image pay attention to what thoughts come to your mind.  Try praying without words, that is, simply be thankful and love Jesus.  If you use must words, you might pray: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."
In this time of crisis, let this be our prayer:

God of life,
in our fragility and uncertainty, we turn to you.
Vindicate our confidence in you,
showing us your love and your care.
Lift our spirits and our hopes,
empowering us with your grace
to understand our fears,
to face our difficulties,
and to wrestle good from them.
We pray in Jesus’ name.

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