Choir tonight!

We are rehearsing this evening @ 6:30. The plan is to work all the music for June and the first of July, so it’s important that you be here, unless you’ve told me you’ll be out. This will be our only Wednesday rehearsal until July 6, and we’ll be working on each Sunday’s music @ 10:15.

See you tonight!

This week’s vocal technique moment:

Over-Breathing = Insufficient Ineffective Breathing

A hyper-extended overly opened body tends to lead to a high chest position and compressed back ribs. In Carl Stough’s research, he found that 70% of the connective tissue to the diaphragm is in the lower lumbar (lower back) area. So frontal breathing is inefficient breathing and leads to the push reflex resulting in what some might describe as ‘too much breath too high in the body’.

Exercise: The Chair Exercise: Helping the Singer to Find Lower Body Release

When a singer uses the body in such an inefficient way, it can be helpful to use the sitting position to assist in engaging flexibility and openness in the lower back. I recommend instructing the singer to sit in a straight chair and pivot slightly forward from the hip sockets. Crossing the arms across the chest (self-hug) will help the singer to expose when the breath is too high under the sternum.