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Better late than never!

Happy March to you! We're about halfway through this month as I write this letter, and, oh man, what a month it has been! 

Zu Füß has been intensely busy. The increased sunlight and temperatures has made me much more eager to create new products and services and, um, a little less eager to sit in one place and record podcasts. 

But, fear not. March will still bring some interesting content your way. The topic of this month is Spirit Communication. Why? Because March 31 is the Advent of Modern Spiritualism! 

On March 31, 1848, the Fox Sisters of Hydesville, New York, first made contact with a Spirit. The Rochester Rappers, as they came to be called, made quite a stir in the area. Many people believed the demonstrations they did to be elaborate hoaxes. Others were so astonished by the idea of life continuing after death that they began a new religion: Spiritualism. 

Actually, one of the (many) reasons this newsletter is later than usual is because I wanted to have completed a podcast about the history of the Fox Sisters before I sent it out. However, it turns out that it's extraordinarily difficult to find actual facts about such an obscure topic that was believed, from the very beginning, to be a complete fraud. 

But, here we are, 168 years after the fact, and many, many people have made successful careers for themselves communicating with "the dead." Why is Spirit communication still such a controversial topic? Why have there been so many fraudulent mediums? How can normal people like you and I learn to contact the "other side?" 

That's what I want to discuss this month. There will be a mix of YouTube videos and podcasts on SoundCloud that research the history of Spiritualism, critique Modern Spiritualism, and teach you how to contact your own Spirit Guides. 

Writing and recording has already begun and soon that content will be available to you. I'm soooo so so excited to begin these conversations with you and to share the knowledge and skills I've gained. 




What's new at Zu Füß?
  • I'm on YouTube now!! During March I'm doing a tarot challenge where I'll be uploading a new video every day. Aside from that, stick around for discussions that work better in a visual medium, rather than a purely audio one
  • I've turned my focus in a big way to the Incense + Burnables section of my shop. Fragrance for ritual purpose has always been important to me, and, frankly, has been something I have a hard time finding out in the world. I already have 3 custom burnable resin blends perfect for use on charcoal disks. Scent and smoke will add ambiance, energy, and drama to your ritual or space. 
  • The Sachets + Pillows section has been expanded and updated. Sachets are now better sewn (they look like cute little pillows!), and there is an additional lavender-free sachet option. I also now make bigger intuitively built sachets, which I refer to as Dream Pillows. 
  • Coming to the Candles + Wax section is an overhaul of the very popular jar candles. Keep checking back here for additions to my new chakra-inspired line of 7 new candles. Currently, I have created candles for the first 3 chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus). They have been a big hit and I'm having a hard time keeping them in stock! But don't worry, I'm working hard to make more :-D
  • The Ingredients section of my website is growing! Specifically check out "Essential Oils" for waaaaay more information and "Pillows + Sachets" for specific ingredients. 
  • So. Much. More. Listed below is the new "Custom Tarot" session that you can find on Etsy (for a PDF version) and on (for a Skype version). I've already done a few sessions like this and they have been amazing! 
Sachets + Pillows
$5 - $25

New pillows and sachets to scent your space!
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$3.75 - $9

An expanded (and expanding!) line of burnable herbs and resin blends for all your ritual needs. 
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Custom Tarot PDF

A much more in-depth tarot session than previously offered. More clarity + a workable plan. 
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Tarot Card of the Month

The Page of Cups

Ah, the perfect card for Spring. Pages represent the very first steps of a new journey or project. Cups represent love. Water represents psychic connection and looking within. 

So, as the sun begins to warm the Earth and the plants and animals begin to wake, let your body and mind respond to this change in season. Many of us in the Northern hemisphere may be feeling a bit of cabin fever. We may have put on some winter weight and maybe are having a hard time relating to ourselves physically. 

But that's all perfectly natural. Nature moves in cycles, and so do we. We can't think of our lives and our relationships to nature as static. Now, we are moving out of one part of a cycle into another. 

Treat yourself with kindness and with love. Allow the return to Spring to be slow, natural, and organic. 
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