A new website and free stuff to celebrate!
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A New Look. A New Experience. 

Spring has been taking its sweet time, but, finally, we've entered the sunny and warm part of the year. It makes me so glad to open the windows and hear the birds while I work. 

Keeping with the theme of rebirth and newness that the Spring brings us, I took the plunge and rebuilt my website. I'd been meaning to do it for a long time, but I never had a cohesive idea of what I wanted it to be. After having no luck setting up a store within my site (that was separate from Etsy), I kind of gave up.

But, thankfully, lots and lots of hard work and research paid off. I hope you love my new website as much as I do (because I'm obsessed with it), and to celebrate its birth, I want to give y'all some aromatherapy swag. Free of charge. 

Place an order through my website before the next new moon (June 4) and all orders will receive a free 3-pack of diffusers ($5). Place an order over $35 and you get the diffusers AND a totally free roll-on perfume ($12). That's $17 in free stuff! All for you! (pictured above)
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Don't worry, my Etsy shop isn't going anywhere. Etsy has a wonderful community I'm happy to be a part of, and I use the Etsy card reader to do all of my in-person sales when I'm at craft fairs. However, in the long term, I'd like to exist more independently. 

Speaking of Etsy, make sure to check out my products on clearance. Because they're going away forever at the end of the month! Bye bye fenugreek! 

Oh, right, I almost forgot about this little tidbit-

You can find Zu Füß products in an actual for real brick-and-mortar store!11!11!1!!1

It is 100% worth your time to make a trip out to Elbidge, New York to visit Bailiwick Market & Cafe. Not only have they curated a stunning collection of locally produced arts, crafts, foods, and more, but they offer delicious cafe-style meals and painstakingly crafted coffee and espresso. They are truly a jewel. Like, you'll love them. That's all I have to say. 

And with that, friends, I will leave you. May has been a warm and sunny month full of growth and greenery for me, and I wish all the same and more for you. 


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Tarot Card of the Month

What a gorgeous card for this time of the year. For me, pages are always about something new. After a very long and very cold winter (both literally and figuratively), we now have the opportunity to start anew. 

With it Spring brings so much opportunity for growth and change. Now is the time for planting and caring for new things. But, the message for this month is about the inevitable weeds that will spring up in your beds. 

There may be so many weeds that you give up and add gardening to list of things to do next year. Or, you may visit your garden twice a day every day and pluck every weeds that springs forth, sometimes pulling out your petunias. 

You have to find a happy medium. Not all weeds are weeds. Dandelions, common mallow, chickweed, plantain, mullein, yarrow, and nettles are just a few "weeds" that have potent medicinal qualities. Why are you pulling out things that will help you? Sometimes a weed is exactly what you need. 
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