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April Snow Showers?

It's no secret that we've been having a pretty winter-y spring here in the Northeast. I mean, we can't really complain because we had SUCH a mild winter. It was lovely! But now, a couple weeks after the Spring Equinox, it's actively snowing. Not only is it sad to see the snow-covered daffodils and tulips, but weather like this can cause the local fruit-farmers to panic. Many of our trees were covered in buds (and sometimes little baby leaves!) before the temperature dropped down below freezing. 

However, these atypical weather patterns remind us that nature isn't something we can plan on. The planet we live on is alive and, therefore, exists in a constant state of chaos. As humans, we frequently find ourselves fighting that chaos, and attempting to force structure and rigidity onto our world. You know it's true! Every time your job is making you get out of bed before the sun rises (especially in the winter!), you are fighting against nature. 

Now, I get it. Having any type of society is dependent on structure. If we all got up and went to bed whenever we wanted, it would be basically impossible to continues our lifestyles as they are now. That being said, most of us can do more to better align ourselves with the world we live in, and doing so will result in less stress. 

This spring season I'd like you to just notice how you live your life and what things you can do or change to make things easier for yourself. For instance, the lack of sun in the winter means we need more sleep than we do in the summer. So go to bed when it gets dark! If you're fully rested in the morning, you'll feel better and will have a more productive day. 

But the exercise is about so much more than routine! It's about becoming comfortable in a state of flux. The amount of sunlight you get in any given day (to follow the above example) will change regularly. It may be overcast and stormy all day. Or it may be bright and sunny! And, the actual time of the sunrise and sunset is gradually changing every day. You don't need to research these times in order to create sleep schedules, but I AM suggesting that you observe what is happening in nature around you, and respond to it accordingly, instead of completely ignoring it. If you have a job that works on a schedule, you might HAVE to do some things, but there are always tweaks and changes you can implement. And even a small change (like your bedtime) can help you to feel better throughout your day and become more in tune with our world. 


What's New at Zu Füß?

  • Woo a new line of candles is in the works! Check out the photos below to see the first 4 pieces of the new chakra-inspired candle line. Each candle contains a mixture of pure essential oils that are designed to resonate with the chakra in question and create an ambiance in which you can access that power. Or if you aren't into chakras, just enjoy the scents! As usual, each candle is 100% soy wax and natural essential oils directly poured into recyclable glass screw-top jars. Each candle is $15. And there are 3 more candles on the way! Keep an eye out for the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. 
  • We're expanding! Soon you'll be able to find ZF goodies in a real-life store! I am SO excited to be a part of the grand opening of Bailiwick Market and Cafe in Elbridge, NY. They are doing a LOT of cool stuff, so if you're within driving distance, definitely check them out. 
  • We've updated our Policies + Disclaimers, so please check out that page if you're interested in purchasing from ZF. 
  • Also, the Readings + Coaching page has been revamped to, hopefully, give you a better idea of what that's all about. 
  • Down below the monthly tarot reading in this newsletter you can find all of our social media links. Go check them out! Different stuff is being posted in different places all the time :-D
  • On that note, please check out this playlist on my YouTube channel! I'm just starting a series about how to meet your Spirit Guides. It's fun and easy! 
  • You may have noticed that I didn't put out a lot of content about Spirit Communication last month. Well, you know, life and stuff. But! Not to worry. The theme of Spirit Communication is following us into April, so there will be lots more time for podcasts and videos and blog posts <3 
Love. The heart chakra. 

Bergamot mint, ho wood, and basil come together to create a warm, sweet, herbal, and slightly woody scent.  

$15 on Etsy
The Root Chakra
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The Sacral Chakra
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The Solar Plexus Chakra
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The perfect card for spring! Judgement reminds us that every ending is a new beginning. However, the analogy doesn't end there!

This card is also about reaping what we sow. As we enter a time of the year where many of us may actually be planting seeds, it is imperative to remember that we are responsible for the things we plant, and what they grow in to. 

If you are dealing with stress and fear right now, you need to start planting seeds of calming and happiness. 

If you're totally broke, plant seeds of income. Remember, we're just talking about seeds! Tiny baby steps that will snowball into a bountiful harvest in the coming months. 

You have the power to make the life you want. It's already inside of you, and now is the time to start letting it out. 
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