February is all about love and light. 
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Imbolc, Valentine's Day, and Light. 

February started off with Imbolc, the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It's a festival of light, and a time to take a moment and confirm that, yes, the days really are getting longer. Hooray for the return of the Sun!

Valentine's Day is coming up next. What a complicated holiday! I wrote a blog post on how I feel about V-day, and what I think the healthiest way to celebrate it is. You can check out that post here. It's worth a read, especially because there's a fun little Valentine's coupon code waiting for you! 

But I guess I'd mostly like to take this time to give you a taste of what to expect from my podcast this month. The theme I'm using this month is, simply, Light. I intend to talk about lightworking—activities such as reiki healing, spiritual healing, and other types of energy work. I'm a level 2 reiki practitioner who's been practicing for a few years now. I also did spiritual healing in a Spiritualist church for a while. I really look forward to sharing these experiences and more with you. 

The other aspect of Light I want to deal with, though, is that of compassion and reality. I have often been so frustrated by spiritual communities I've tried to fit in with which have a tendency to support willingly blinding themselves. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The type of spirituality that says things like "everything is going to be ok," and "there are no negative experiences unless we believe there are." 

For me, Light is also the Light of Truth. I aspire in my spirituality to experience more reality, to see more honestly, and to feel everything. That is often not pleasant, but life is often not pleasant. I mean, maybe life is a walk in the park for you or I, but it's not that way for Syrian refugees fleeing their country. 

Looking at the world illuminated by the Light of Truth allows us to see the problems our planet faces, and, most importantly, it shows us what we can do, as tiny individuals, to fix them. This isn't about feeling bad. It's quite the opposite, in fact. It's about extending empathy (not sympathy) to every soul on this earth, and then going within our own brains to find the solution we can give. 

I could go on and on and on, and that's why you can expect several podcasts from me this month. The point is moving beyond the created structure of our conscious mind to interact with others on a timeless and spaceless Soul level. You'll find that, with practice, you'll be more connected to all people, even people you don't know or don't like. Above all, remember this: Love. Open your heart and open your eyes (all three of them!) and let love flow into you and out of you. 


So what's new at Zu Füß this month?
  • Stop by the Brainery Bazaar to see lots of awesome vendors (including me!) just in time for Valentine's Day gifts! Click the link for details. 
    • We'll be there the second Saturday of every month! Woo!
  • ICYMI: I did a blog post about energetically cleansing your space when burning a bunch of sage isn't really realistic. Check it out! 
  • There are several new items in my shop, mostly of the candles and incense variety. 
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Tarot Card of the Month

The Lovers is such a perfect card for February. Not only does it illustrate for us of the divine nature of love, but it also reminds us that love isn't always easy or fun. 

Adam and Eve literally threw away paradise so they could love each other in the real world, lit by the Light of Truth. They, like all of us, had the choice to live in ignorant bliss forever, but they understood that ignorant bliss isn't bliss at all, it's torture. 

Despite being thrown out of paradise by God, Adam and Eve still loved each other. Perhaps in a way that was deeper and more meaningful than it would have been if they stayed in utopia. 

This month, remember to share your love with as many people, plants, and things as you can. Remember that getting thrown out of a paradise built of lies is the only way to grow and to love more deeply. 
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