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Thank you again from all of us at the Asia For Animals Coalition for continuing to make your voice heard for animals throughout Asia. Together, our voice is louder in tackling some of the region’s most pressing animal welfare issues, calling on those with the power to effect change directly to put animal welfare firmly on the agenda…. And it really does make a difference!  


Vietnamese Government Gets Tough on Cruel Festivals

Vietnam’s central government has given the strongest indication yet that cruel events such as the Nem Thuong pig slaughter festival will no longer be tolerated.
According to state media, Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism “has ordered an end to all performances that include either violent or offensive rituals, such as killing animals.”
The campaign against Nem Thuong and all festivals which exploit animals continues to snowball and gain momentum, thanks to people like you who have made your voice heard!
Read more here

Lasah The Elephant

For the last 20 years, an elephant named Lasah has been nothing more than a prop to humankind. From hauling logs to being gawked at in zoos to performing in shows and commercials, Lasah hasn’t had it easy. Now, he is at Langkawi Elephant Adventures (LEA) in Malaysia where he’s been giving rides to tourists for the last decade.
But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Friends of the Orangutan (FOTO) has secured a place for Lasah at a wonderful elephant sanctuary called Kualah Gandah

To those of you who made your voices heard for Lasah by signing the petition , you may have received an email from the wildlife department in Malaysia regarding this situation. Sadly, the government has made no indication when they will transfer Lasah to the sanctuary here. You cab view the Malaysian government’s response to our concerns and Friends of the Orangutan’s reply in the link below.
View the Malaysian government’s response

We won’t give up on Lasah... Will you?

Support Friends of the Orangutan’s efforts for Lasah

“Don’t eat our friends!” Advertisements ask millions across China to protect their companions from the cruel dog and cat meat trade

When AfA Coalition member Animals Asia asked for assistance from Chinese designers in its campaign to end dog and cat meat eating they were inundated with over 400 incredible posters (see more here).
From September to December this year, the winning entries are being used as advertisements and will be seen by millions of people in nine Chinese cities where eating cats and dogs is still prevalent.
Read more here
Find out more about these meat trades and what you can do to help


Dogs In Mauritius Need Your Help!

Please urgently sign AfA Coalition member International Animal Rescue’s petition  to end the inhumane capture and killing of dogs in Mauritius.
Please sign and share the petition
Shocking eye witness video footage has revealed the cruel capture and killing of a large number of dogs in Mauritius.

The harrowing footage shows workers from the government-funded Mauritian Society for Animal Welfare (MSAW) hunt down, catch and kill dogs, making no discrimination between strays and loved family pets. It is reported that MSAW workers earn a monetary bonus for each dog caught.
Captured dogs are taken to a shelter in Port Louis, where they are slaughtered in full view of one another: while one worker throws the dogs to the ground and stands on them to hold them in place, another administers a hit-or-miss lethal injection through the chest in an attempt to puncture the heart. The dogs then stagger around and eventually collapse, while the remaining dogs try desperately to escape by climbing the gates and walls of the kennel.
Please sign and share the petition

Please help us to reach more people by sharing
the petition with your friends and family.

"Hydrated Through Tubes and Fed Medicated Fish:
The Horrible Life of Dolphins Captured in Taiji"


This is the devastatingly sad plight of dolphins captured in Taiji to supply marine parks around the world…

“Marine parks and aquariums rip dolphins away from their families, train them using cruel methods like food deprivation, and then make them perform asinine tricks in front of a crowd, knowing that their happy-looking face will cover up any of the trauma they have endured behind the scenes.”
Read more here

Please make sure you don’t fund this cruelty!

Please never visit a dolphin show or other activities involving dolphins in captivity. When the demand to see these iconic animals in captivity stops, so will the cruelty…
The plight of cetaceans in captivity and what YOU can do to help

Elephants in Tourism: Please Don’t Pay For Their Suffering

Elephant tourist parks, camps and shows exist in many parts of Asia, and the tourist demand to get close to these iconic animals is fuelling the cruel and abusive treatment of elephants…
Elephant training methods which keep the animals in constant compliance are based on fear and pain: Calves are “broken” by removal from their mothers, physical restraint and fear. Adults are forced to perform in a certain way through the abusive use of the bullhook (ankus). 
Whilst it is often claimed that tourist elephants are “rescued” or being kept for conservation. The reality is that encouraging human-elephant interactions is contrary to conservation and rehabilitation efforts. Teaching animals to perform inappropriate tricks portrays them to the public in a humiliating manner, instead of showing their natural grace and beauty. And this compromises efforts to promote empathy and respect.
What can you do?
You can make a difference. Most elephants in captivity are part of tourist-driven businesses. Please don't pay for the elephants' suffering. Please….
  • NEVER go on elephant rides
  • NEVER visit attractions with elephant shows or performances
  • NEVER stay in resorts or hotels that have captive elephants
  • NEVER use tour operators that book elephant rides or tours to elephant camps
Find out more
Download an infographic about elephant exploitation in tourism

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