Zeppelin Design Labs Spring 2015 Newsletter

Springtime in Chicago...

Zeppelin Design Labs Newsletter, Spring 2015

"You can tell Springtime is returning to Chicago when the automobiles emerge from under the piles of snow."

NEW! Percolator COMBO out MAY 1, On Sale NOW!

The popular Percolator 2W tube amp is now available as a combo, either in KIT form or Ready-to-Play. The Combo ships May 1, but you can pre-order today and SAVE UP TO $60!
KIT: only $299
Ready-To-Play: just $429
Sale ends April 30, 2015.
At under 17" tall and less than 13 pounds, the Percolator Combo is compact and easy to handle. It features the same Jensen C8R speaker and solid wood cabinet as our other products. The kits can be detailed and finished in any way you choose for a truly custom look.

New Documentation Online

There is a new and expanded Percolator Owner's Manual online now. Whether you bought the amp as a KIT or Pre-Built, you will want to check out the new information concerning the care, feeding and replacement of the tube, and other miscellania.
There is a handy new Percolator Installation Guide to help you mount the Percolator - Electronics Only into almost any enclosure.
If you want to mount the amp upside down, you may want to download this Upside Down Percolator Label. Print it on a good printer, laminate it, and mount it to the amp with carpet tape. Or, use the blank Percolator Label Template  as a guide for designing your own custom label!


In response to popular demand, the Percolator 2W tube amp will soon be available in a 230-volt 50-60 Hz version for use outside North America. We have ordered custom power transformers and expect them to arrive early May 2015. This modification will only add a couple of dollars to the list price. This applies to the amp in all its configurations: kit or pre-built, head or combo.
If your area uses a different flavor of electricity, contact us and we'll let you know if either model (120 or 230) is suitable.

Microphone Kit-In-A-Can

Here's something fun we are working on as a follow-up to our incredibly popular Percolator Instructable:
Most DIY audio enthusiasts are familiar with the standard “tin can mic”, in which a piezo disc is taped onto the bottom of a tin can and then plugged into a high impedance voltage amplifier, like a guitar amp. These microphones are nice because they are so easy to make, but they are quite limited in most other areas, including bandwidth, microphonics, sensitivity, impedance matching, and cable driving. These issues usually result in a very brittle and quiet-sounding mic -- not very useful. To overcome these limitations, we have created the Microphone "Kit-in-a-Can": the tin can mic elevated to studio quality. Using common household items along with a very simple circuit, this mic produces the same classic tin-can-tone (for all you Tom Waits fans), but improves upon nearly every other feature. The heart of the mic is the tiny phantom-powered circuit which creates a balanced output from a piezo disc. The circuit board as well as all the other electronic and hardware components in this mic will soon be offered as a DIY kit from our online store. We will also be posting sound clips and detailed documentation on Instructables so you too can build your very own mic “Kit-in-a-Can”. 
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