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My favourite time of the year is Spring and here it is. The scent of flowers in the air is good for my soul.

Thank you for all the good wishes regarding my son's recent wedding. It was a beautiful day and was enjoyed by all who attended. Lots of fun and laughter was had xx

Also a huge thank you to those who donated in the recent Share the Dignity August Dignity Drive. We didn't quite reach the target needed to supply our local charity's requests however another area had excess so we were able to get that to top up our numbers.

The next Share the Dignity campaign is "It's in the Bag" which runs for 2 weeks only from November 22nd until December 7th. Start putting together a lovely handbag full of essential items as per the list and any other things you may think would be nice for a woman or teenage girl in need to receive at Christmas time. You are only limited by your budget and imagination. Perhaps pool your resources with a friend or two to do up a lovely bag together.

I get a lot of comments about how easy it is to book an appointment via the online booking link which makes me glad that I made the plunge to head in that direction. Please remember that if you can't see anything available online and you need to see me please send me a message on  0412 518 999 and I'll see if I can squeeze you in somewhere. Bear in mind that if I say I can't then I really have no spaces left.

Can popping your neck cause a stroke?

This is not about the normal noises we hear during day to day activity this is about those people who self adjust their own necks....and I know people who do this. If you feel your neck needs an adjustment leave that to the experts. Massage Therapists ARE NOT qualified to do any joint manipulations so please never ask your massage therapist to do it or allow them to do it if they suggest it.

"Neck popping can cause strokes, especially when it is done regularly. But by current knowledge, the risk of a stroke is tiny. While cracking sounds in the neck during normal physical activity is nothing to worry about, it is best to avoid habitual neck cracking."
*see link to full article below
Hope you found that article interesting.

See you on the table soon,
Leanne xx


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