On the second anniversary of the police murder of Eric Garner, family members and workers from Staten Island, New York spoke with Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US president about the class divide in America’s largest city. View this email in your browser

New York City workers discuss police killings, inequality with SEP candidate

By Jerry White and Zac Corrigan

On the second anniversary of the police murder of Eric Garner, family members and workers from Staten Island, New York spoke with Jerry White, the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for US president about the class divide in America’s largest city. Watch the video »

SEP vice presidential candidate Niles Niemuth speaks with workers in upstate New York

Niles Niemuth, the vice presidential candidate for the Socialist Equality Party, spoke with workers in Rochester and Syracuse, New York about the conditions in their region and their thoughts on the 2016 presidential election. Watch the video »

State of emergency declared in Turkey

By Jean Shaoul

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared a three-month state of emergency on Wednesday.

The move was preceded by a five-hour meeting of the National Security Council and a meeting of Erdogan’s cabinet. The president, who has vowed to purge from all state institutions the “virus” responsible for the failed July 15 coup, said, “The aim is to rapidly and effectively take all steps needed to eliminate the threat against democracy, the rule of law and the people's rights and freedoms.”

Notwithstanding such reassurances, under the state of emergency the president and his ministers are empowered to bypass the parliament in enacting laws. The government can also decide to curtail legal rights and freedoms. Read more »

The Republicans plumb the depths

By Joseph Kishore and David North

As one follows the Republican National Convention, one cannot avoid the conclusion that some fundamental political boundary is being crossed.

There is little reason to idealize the political history of the United States. The conventions of the two capitalist parties—attended by several thousand delegates representing a cross section of corrupt politicos and operatives in the pay of Big Business—have usually been sordid affairs. Over the past half-century they have resulted in the nominations of people such as Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the two Bushes. And yet this Republican Party convention in Cleveland, which has just officially chosen Donald Trump as its candidate for president, represents something new, ugly and sick.

Even as socialists, who have carefully followed, analyzed and explained the protracted crisis of American democracy, it is difficult to suppress a feeling of disgust, akin to nausea, as one watches the proceedings. One cannot help but ask oneself, “Has it really come to this?” The convention is a display of the grotesque and the absurd, in which all that is seedy, stupid, backward, cruel and reactionary in American politics and culture is on display.

An air of demoralized paranoia dominates the convention. Under the slogan “Make America Great Again,” the speakers describe a country in irreversible breakdown, beset by enemies inside and out. In the speeches, filled with appeals to the military and the police, one senses, beneath all the braggadocio, a ruling class extremely nervous about its future. Read more »

France’s permanent state of emergency

By Alex Lantier

At 4:53 AM Wednesday, the French National Assembly voted overwhelmingly to extend for a fourth time the state of emergency imposed by the Socialist Party (PS) government after the November 13 terror attacks in Paris. By 489 to 26, it prolonged what has become the longest state of emergency in France since the collapse of the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime at the end of World War II.

Official claims that this is a temporary response to the latest horrific attack in France—in which an apparently deranged, indebted Franco-Tunisian truck driver plowed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing 84 and wounding over 100—do not hold water. Amid a deep crisis of bourgeois democracy across Europe, the ruling elite, facing seething social tensions, is moving to impose a permanent state of emergency and transition from democratic to dictatorial forms of rule. Read more »

Support the Socialist Equality Party presidential campaign

The Socialist Equality Party has selected Jerry White as its presidential candidate and Niles Niemuth as its vice-presidential candidate in the 2016 elections. White and Niemuth will run on a socialist, anti-war and anti-capitalist program in the interests of the working class in the United States and around the world.

The 2016 elections are being held under conditions of intensifying international and domestic crisis. The shadow of global military conflict looms over the elections. The vast majority of American workers and youth are experiencing a relentless decline in their standard of living. While the richest one percent controls the economy, most Americans struggle to make ends meet, millions live in outright poverty, and a substantial percentage of children go hungry.

Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has anything to offer the great majority of the American people except war, political repression and worsening social conditions. They are the parties of the Wall Street banks, the massive corporations, the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies. Regardless which of these two parties wins the November election, the next government will be the most reactionary, repressive and violent in American history.

The Socialist Equality Party candidates will use the campaign to advance the socialist alternative to capitalism, raise the political consciousness of workers and youth, oppose all forms of national chauvinism, racism and anti-immigrant baiting, fight to unify all workers in the United States, throughout the Americas and internationally, and prepare the working class for the coming struggles.

Read the program of the campaign here »

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