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Proxy Statement Your guide to business research & data news from the UConn Library

 Work Anniversary 

It’s been a year since I started at UConn, and I’ve yet to meet any of you in person. Thank you all for your support! It’s been a rewarding month, as I completed my Certificate in Licensing Digital Content, and documented a plethora of data sources when it comes to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings.

 Updates on Subscribed Resources 

Do your students require the list of business databases available at UConn? Share this web address:

Mintel produces new reports on a monthly basis, and I wanted to highlight three which we’re responsible for, interested in, and participate in: What America Eats, Student Lifestyles - US, & Outdoor Vacation Activities - US.

PrivCo published a report on investments raised by minority-led companies, and female-founded and female-led organizations in 2020, comparing it with 2019. The conclusion: general funding increased, but total funding raised by these parties actually declined -- by 26%. Access the full 22-pp report

The Bloomberg for Education team has created a monthly series of free webinars geared towards students. Each session features a specific Bloomberg functionality and ends with a practice assessment. Check out the April calendar and feel free to share it with your students. See also: all Bloomberg webinars.

Interested in Zillow’s Transaction and Assessment Dataset (ZTRAX) database, covering real estate in the U.S.? It is freely available, updated quarterly, with more than 400 million detailed public records across 2,750+ U.S. counties, more than 20 years of deed transfers, mortgages, foreclosures, auctions, property tax delinquencies, for both commercial and residential properties. UConn already has a ZTRAX contract, and you should reach out to Mark Reeves (OVPR) with your project proposal and necessary details.

If you missed the announcement last month: Thomson ONE Banker is sunsetting this year. In its place, we have Refinitiv’s Workspace for Students. It offers the same global market data, historical and current company financials and filings, earnings estimates, M&A activity, equity, bond, loan deals as Thomson ONE Banker, and more. Register for an individual account with your UConn email address. Please update your course syllabus.

Your role as an Open Education Resource (OER) creator, advocate, & consumer

UConn is a member institution of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC). The BLC is committed to advancing open educational resources and practices. It is hosting two workshops titled Open Educational Resources: What Faculty Need to Know; on April 27 (Tue) AM & May 19 (Wed) PM. After attending the workshop and reviewing a textbook in the Open Textbook Library, you will be eligible to receive a $200 stipend! Register now. This OpenBLC initiative is supported by a generous grant from the Davis Educational Foundation.

 On the WWW 

Datastream is now available via WRDS - but it does not contain the exact, same content. Only the highly used, market-relevant series & indicators from Datastream are available via WRDS, and a subscription is required. Refinitiv has a side-by-side comparison captured in a spreadsheet

How much do individual countries lose in profit and tax revenue, based on where corporations book their profits globally? 40% of multinational profits are shifted to tax havens each year. This is the “Missing Profits of Nations” by Thomas Tørsløv, Ludvig Wier, & Gabriel Zucman. Download the full research, with data from the original 2015 paper, and accompanying 2016 & 2017 updates.

New from The Case Centre, Case Focus offers a journal publication outlet for peer-reviewed teaching cases, with a focus on management and business situations in the Middle East & Africa region. The inaugural issue published in Sep 2020 is available, and the second issue is expected to be out in Jun 2021.

Spotify created a dedicated website - Loud & Clear - with lots of infographics explaining the music streaming industry. Apple has responded, stating that Apple Music pays roughly double of Spotify (“a penny per stream”) to artists and publishers. Alternatively, Deezer practices the “user-centric” model of compensating artists based on their share of each subscriber’s listening.

 Data Sources As Seen Elsewhere 

PatentsView is an open data platform supported by USPTO. Use their dataset query builder to return a customized data set, or experiment with their prototype PatentsView API. Mentioned in Kovács, Carnabuci, & Wezel (2021), Categories, attention, and the impact of inventions, Strategic Management Journal.

Looking for proxies for religious belief in consumer research? Consider the Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) which contains U.S.-centric church membership data and survey results, but also international surveys and data. Mentioned in Casidy, Duhachek, Singh, & Tamaddoni (2021), Religious Belief, Religious Priming, and Negative Word-of-Mouth in Everyday Service Failure Encounters, Journal of Marketing Research.

An open-sourced database for CEO dismissals (1992-2018). Includes eight classification types for CEO turnover, and a narrative description of each departure event. The authors welcome submitting edits and corrections. Mentioned in Gentry, Harrison, Quigley, & Boivie (2021), A database of CEO turnover and dismissal in S&P 1500 firms, 2000–2018, Strategic Management Journal


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