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May 2022 - by Jon DelVecchio

My Video Hit 100k Views!

One of my YouTube channel videos is now well over 100,000 views! This is BIG news for me. It’s my accidentally popular "Trail Braking" video below.

I got the idea of connecting an iPad up in front of my hand on my Grom's throttle and filmed the video quickly. It wasn’t a very polished presentation, but it apparently struck a cord with fellow riders.

Current video stats: 100,835 views, 2,600 Likes, 452 Comments. Thanks for the views! 


Trail Braking Camp Report

My May 15 Trail Braking Camp went perfectly! The weather was great, the motorcycle fleet performed well and the student riders improved their skills tremendously. Two participants were local and one came all the way from Florida to attend!

My father handled lunch duty, while two of my local riding buddies Myron and Arjun pitched in coaching and setting up exercises throughout the day. They even passed up the first opportunity to go riding in the Pennsylvania twisties with our club guys. I thought that was really cool of them. They are true friends and motorcycling enthusiasts.

Below are some photos from the event. What you can’t hear is the “helmet giggling” coming from at least one of the riders during the exercises!


My next TBC gig is the sold out show at the UN Rally in Davis, WV on June 27 and 28. If you’re going to be in the area and want to volunteer, I’d love it. Or simply stop by and say hello. I’ll be at the Canaan Valley Resort from June 25-29. Who knows, maybe we can do a reunion ride on Wednesday after my courses are completed.

NEW Online "Short Course"

How do you reach even more motorcyclists? Make learning new skills even easier than before.

I'd like to introduce the Cornering Confidence: Trail Braking "Short Course". Like the name implies, I streamlined the course down to the essential techniques necessary to control the motorcycle in curves.

I have special plans for this new course option, so stay tuned.

Quickly learn the best techniques for excellent cornering

Full curriculum for expanded cornering skill set

Full curriculum with book included

Want to Teach Trail Braking?

Have you ever wanted to operate your own motorcycling school? Have a riding school and looking to expand your course offerings? 

I'm exploring the idea of licensing my Trail Braking Camp curriculum and teaching model to enthusiastic and qualified individuals.

Benefits of teaching my course:

  • Unique and specialized curriculum
  • Next level skills, not the fundamentals
  • Affordable start up costs
  • Simple motorcycling school model
  • Control coaching hours and income
  • Fun!

Contact Jon if interested.
Trail Braking Camp 2022 Dates 

These are the dates and locations coming up. Look for new dates and opportunities in future newsletters or this webpage.

June 27, 2022 
UN Rally
Davis, WV
Waiting List 

June 28, 2022 
UN Rally 
Davis, WV
Waiting List


Contact me if you would like to host a Trail Braking Camp, have any venue ideas or want to schedule a private lesson.

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