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January 2022 - by Jon DelVecchio

Get Yourself Published in Jon's Next Book

I've been coaching motorcyclists for 15 years and in 2018 wrote my book Cornering Confidence. The goal of my next book is to fill each page with a short and personalized piece of advice from individual coaches and enthusiasts like you

The book will focus on your collective answers to this question: What technique, skill or mindset separates excellent motorcyclists from average ones? Share your insights with the motorcycling community. My book will not be complete without your contribution.

Please take 5 minutes to submit your contribution here using this short form. 

Trail Braking Camp 2022 Dates 

These are the dates and locations for what I am planning so far in 2022. Look for new dates and opportunities in future newsletters or this webpage.

May 15, 2022 (open to public)
Balcony Point at Springdale Farm
Spencerport, NY 
Register Now 

June 10, 2022 (tentative) (open to public)
Americade Rally
Lake George, NY
June 11, 2022 (tentative) (open to public)
Americade Rally
Lake George, NY

June 27, 2022 (private event)
UN Rally
Davis, WV
June 28, 2022 (private event)
UN Rally 
Davis, WV

Contact me if you would like to host a Trail Braking Camp or have any venue ideas.

Calling All Left-Handers

As a right-handed person, I don't think about problems left-handed people face in a right-handed world. It turns out that 10% of people are left-handed. This means that 1 out of every 10 of my students are lefties. 

I've reached more than 3,600 book readers which equals about 360 left-handed people. Add unique online and live training students and that number goes up. My 4,400 YouTube channel subscribers potentially add another 440 people to the list of lefties. Whatever the actual number is, it's big.

I initially coached newbies for ten years. At that level fine motor skills are less of a focus. While I'm sure new left-handed riders have some problems with the throttle and front brake, just being able to get the bike moving, steering and stopping is the game plan. I never remember discussing left or right handedness in that coaching role.

Fast forward to my coaching at Street Skills. A major component to my Cornering Confidence curriculum is properly timed brake/throttle transitions, especially when releasing the brakes near the corner apex (see video below). This technique requires more right hand finesse and dexterity than left. 

Some students learn the "roll-it-up" and "roll-it-down" brake/throttle transitioning techniques easier than others. I have referred to this as the Secret Weapon, resting the first two fingers on the brake lever and curling the last two around the throttle grip. Some can watch a video or read directions and the technique comes naturally. Others finally "get it" once I'm standing right there watching and coaching them. Does this discrepancy have anything to do with hand dominance?

Questions for my left-handed friends regarding brake/throttle transitions (roll-it-up and roll-it-down techniques specifically):

  • How does being left-handed affect your ability to perform brake/throttle transitions?
  • What strategies would you suggest I use to better coach lefties with brake/throttle transitions?
Email Jon your feedback here.

I'll definitely be asking students going forward which is their dominant hand. Developing special coaching strategies for left-handed motorcyclists could be the key to unlocking their cornering skill.

Trail Braking - Brake/Throttle Transitions Explained

Zoom Events

Join me and fellow riders for some Zoom gatherings to discuss a variety of topics. This is what I have currently scheduled.

Vision: Friend or Foe?
Feb 8, 2022 07:00 PM  EST
This Zoom focuses on next-level vision skills for motorcyclists.
Meeting ID: 857 9701 4935
Passcode: central
Facebook Event Reminder

Motorcycle Crash Ratings Video

Watch and share the video below from my recent Zoom event. Part 1 description: Jon discussed the crashworthiness of motorcycles, as compared to automobiles. This event focused on the problems.

(Part 2: Solutions will soon be available on my YouTube Channel and will be shared in my February newsletter)

Motorcycle Crash Ratings (Part 1)
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