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July 2021 - by Jon DelVecchio

Trail Braking Camp

The X20 "grom" fleet bikes are ready. The bike hauler is ready. 

The riding exercises are almost ready. By mid-August I'll have my Cornering Confidence book adapted into parking lot drills with the X20's.  

After much consideration and feedback from my surveys, I decided to call my new offering the "Cornering Confidence Trail Braking Camp" (i.e. Trail Braking Camp). Respondents encouraged the inclusion of Cornering Confidence in the title because it reflects my program and mass appeal to riders. Many also thought that Trail Braking should be included in the title because it is the centerpiece of my curriculum. I chose Camp at the end to convey the message that participants will leave the experience with specialized skills.

Didn't take the original surveys? click here and here

I'm ready to hit the road. Initially, I'd like to plan gigs in NY, PA, OH and New England just because I'm located in Western NY.  Round up 6-8 friends and we can try to make it happen. Send me your favorite dealership leads and I'll reach out to them. 

I'll have more updates in my August newsletter.

New Link:

These are fun bikes to master trail braking technique.

Fleet bikes in the hauler.

Fleet bikes in the hauler, with the 690 Duke.

Owners News Article

Basic Training Fails Part 2 has been published in the BMW MOA's Owners News this month. Read and share here.


I'm making my first debut at Americade this September with a bang! On Friday of rally week I'm giving a trail braking presentation. Then, on Saturday I'm teaching my new "Trail Braking Camp" course.

The seminar is free as an Americade University event. The micro circuit course is limited to 6 riders, and two spots have already been sold! Learn more about the course by following this link.

Can't make either event? On Friday afternoon I'll be hanging around the demo lot and Fort William Henry Conference Center outdoor area. Stop by and say hello.

The camp is priced at $350/person. Since a $20 day pass is required to attend Americade, I dropped the price to $325.

Click image for "Trail Braking Camp" course info


I try to take at least one big road trip with my friends each summer. This year we chose Arkansas for the location. Most of us had to trailer down to Harrison to make this happen.

We've ridden in many states. As usual, we found twisty roads with little traffic and amazing small towns in Arkansas. However, I'd say Arkansas ranks at the top of my list for motorcycling road conditions. Here's why:
  • Few, if any, decreasing radius turns
  • Exaggerated corner banking in many places
  • Surface traction (it's the grippiest pavement I've ever been on, we were told they grind up old concrete and put it in the asphalt)
Unfortunately, we had to avoid road kill everywhere. Much to my dismay, in a moment of weakness, I hit a huge carcass squarely head-on . I'm sure you'd rather not imagine my friend's description of the strike from behind. I have no idea what I hit, but I washed out black and bright yellow feathers from my front wheel once I got home. 

In all, we had 15 people attend this year. Was it rainbows and unicorns the entire week? Nah. But it's the good parts that will be remembered for a lifetime. Now is the time to get out and ride far away places. Make it happen. 

Here's a few of the pictures I shared on Instagram...

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