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December 2021 - by Jon DelVecchio

Motorcycle Crash Design

Almost six years ago I gave a live presentation on motorcycle crash design. Years earlier I learned about the injury risk from our own motorcycles in forward crashes. The Honda Goldwing airbag option aside, motorcycle manufacturers have made zero effort to design their products to absorb energy and protect an operator in a crash. 

In recent times, motorcycle crash avoidance electronic aids have been the clear focus of design improvements. These systems are amazing and continue to improve safety by reducing the number of crashes...we think. Annual motorcyclist fatalities still hover around 5,000 per year. It seems the electronic packages haven't been the silver bullet so many have hoped for. 

In addition to crash avoidance, automobiles have crashworthiness ratings. I find it curious that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or motorcycle manufacturers themselves haven't yet taken on this challenge. Seeing how electronic aids like ABS, traction control and many variations have become affordable options, perhaps now is the time to examine ways to make motorcycles safer in a crash. I'm not suggesting mandates, even though improved auto crash safety is the result of regulation. I'm of the opinion that an industry such as motorcycles should get ahead of government intervention and control their own destiny.

I also view improved crashworthiness as a competitive advantage among manufacturers. I'd consider buying a motorcycle that had improved crashworthiness over one without, all else being equal between competing models. If this Covid disaster has proven anything, it's that there are a large number of motorcyclists who care deeply about their health, contrary to the wild and crazy biker stereotypes. Consider how many rallies, events and rides were cancelled or disrupted due to risk of transmitting a virus, yet nobody seems to recognize the serious health risk of their motorcycle each mile ridden.

What reminded me of my work on this subject came from two sources this week. First, the hosts of the latest Highside/Lowside podcast episode were asked to discuss the future of motorcycle design by someone in a live audience. I was disappointed, but not surprised, when they dodged the importance of safer crash designs and instead basically shrugged their shoulders. The second reminder came from watching a random DanDan the Fireman YouTube channel video where one can clearly see a crash victim smash his groin on the fuel tank. Dan directly calls out this injury and discusses it at length.

In an effort to resurrect the initiative, I'm hosting a 2-part Zoom event in January to discuss my original presentation and the Motorcycle Crash Rating Tool I created. (See Zoom info further down in newsletter)

An airbag can save your life, and also your private parts

Topic related videos are posted below:

The IMPACT of Motorcycle Design - See what happens to motorcycle and rider in a crash
Motorcycle Crash Rating Tool (MCRT) - v1.3
Example Ratings

Zoom Events

Join me and fellow riders for some Zoom gatherings to discuss a variety of topics. These are what I have currently scheduled.

Motorcycle Crash Ratings (Part 1)
Jan 18, 2022 07:00 PM  EST
Jon discusses the crashworthiness of motorcycles, as compared to automobiles. This event focuses on the problems. Part 2 focuses on solutions.
Meeting ID: 899 7149 7873
Passcode: energy
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Motorcycle Crash Ratings (Part 2)
Jan 25, 2022 07:00 PM  EST
In the previous Zoom, Jon discussed the crashworthiness of motorcycles, as compared to automobiles. That event focused on the problems. This Part 2 focuses on solutions.
Meeting ID: 876 5893 3059
Passcode: energy
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Vision: Friend or Foe?
Feb 8, 2022 07:00 PM  EST
This Zoom focuses on next-level vision skills for motorcyclists.
Meeting ID: 857 9701 4935
Passcode: central
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Trail Braking Camp 2022 Schedule

I'm working hard planning my new single-day Trail Braking Camp 2022 dates over the next few winter months. If you'd like me to consider your location please contact me asap. 

I had to reschedule my May course to May 15, 2022. The class of four still has three openings.

Below is a confirmed date and registration is now open:

Springdale Farm (Spencerport, NY)

Below are tentative dates:

Americade Rally
  • June 10, 2022
  • June 11, 2022

Jon coaching at Americade

Contact me if you would like to host a Trail Braking Camp or have any venue ideas.

Want to take the Trail Braking Camp on your own motorcycle? Let me know because I've been thinking about offering this option lately.

Arrive Alive Podcast Shout-Out

Host Len Bilello gave Cornering Confidence a shout out in the latest Arrive Alive Podcast. It comes near the end of his Episode 39 interview with Daytona 200 winner, Jason DiSalvo.

Thanks Len!

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