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October 2021 - by Jon DelVecchio

FREE Online Cornering Confidence Course

I've been giving this some thought and decided to go for it. 

At least in the short-term, I'm giving my $50 online course away for free with the goal of expanding the reach of my Cornering Confidence message. Please share this information with your riding buddies and families.

What am I looking for in return? More book sales and donations. 

If someone enjoys the course and gets something out of it, they can...

  • ...enrich their learning experience by purchasing a copy of my course companion book Cornering Confidence. It includes some detailed information not included in the online course.
  • ...donate via Patreon or PayPal any amount they think is appropriate.
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Cleveland Moto "Sponsorship"

I've been a Cleveland Moto podcast listener for a long time. In the past, Phil the host has mentioned my book Cornering Confidence on the show.

Phil has recently been vocal in his endorsement of my book and spoke positively about the Trail Braking Camp course I'm trying to get off the ground.

In Episode 346: Monte Crisco!, right at the beginning Phil captivates his crew with an announcement that Street Skills / Cornering Confidence is now a podcast sponsor. Which caught me totally off guard. Watch below (or listen) from minute 9:00 to 16:00 to hear probably the greatest feedback I've ever received.  Phil and his buds totally get what I'm doing with my school.

Cornering Confidence also got a major plug somewhere in Episode 347.

Subscribe if you haven't already and maybe even buy a motorcycle from his shop if you're anywhere near Cleveland. "Thank you" Cleveland Moto!
Cleveland Moto Ep. 346 Monte Crisco!
Trail Braking Camp 2022 Schedule

It's been a challenge finding venues outside of my local area to teach my Trail Braking Camp. At minimum I plan on scheduling courses at these locations in 2022. 

Springdale Farm (Spencerport, NY)

Webster Park (Webster, NY)

I understand that these may not be the most convenient locations for people outside Western New York State, but I think there are enough eager motorcyclists between Buffalo and Syracuse to fill several classes of 4 students.

Specifics on 2022 dates and locations will be shared over the next several months. Stay tuned to this newsletter and my other social media.

Contact me if you would like to host a camp or have any venue ideas.

Owners News Press Release

Our friends at the BMW MOA published my Trail Braking Camp press release in their October issue of the membership magazine. Check it out by clicking here

If you're not already a member, even if you don't ride a BMW motorcycle, consider joining. Keep in mind that they provide training scholarships to both members and non-members. 

Happy Halloween!
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