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The Biodyne Mindset

Volume 1 Issue 2 - May 2016

Exciting Updates from CGI

Cummings Graduate Institute has been busy this Spring, and we have several new and exciting announcements to make! 

We've Reduced Tuition Rates! 

Thanks to the 501(C)(3) transition (see this update in the sidebar), we were able to lower our tuition rates! Our tuition rates have been reduced to $350 per credit hour, and we are offering new payment plans to fit all budgets.

What will it cost to earn a DBH at CGI? 

Students can now earn a highly valuable doctoral degree for $21,000. Our new payment plans make tuition affordable for students so that they do not have to go deeper into debt, or wait to enroll until they can afford the high cost of tuition. We've read the research. We know that students graduating with mountains of debt aren't able to start new businesses. We know that student loan debt is directly tied to risk aversion for graduates who would otherwise launch important and innovative ventures that achieve our shared mission of changing the way the world experiences healthcare. We're as concerned as you are about how to solve healthcare's biggest problems while staring at impossible monthly loan payments. That's why we're working hard to make a doctoral degree as affordable as possible, and to break the cycle of escalating student loan debt.  

Military Tuition Rate

Wherever you are in your military service, whether you are home or abroad on active duty, in the National Guard, in the Reserves or even retired, the Cummings Institute understands the special academic needs of those who serve our country.
We see a critical need for improvements in health care services – particularly behavioral health care – for Veteran and Active Duty service men and women.
In honor of your service and sacrifice, and in hopes that those who serve or have served will become Doctors of Behavioral Health to fill this gaping need, the Cummings Institute created the Military Tuition Rate of $315 Per Credit Hour (10% discount) to help you earn a quality degree at an affordable rate.

CGI Is Now a Nonprofit!

Cummings Graduate Institute has achieved designation as a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization with the IRS. This change is huge for the Institute for many reasons.

First and foremost, the goal of CGI - our Mission - is to educate integrated care professionals to best deliver whole-person healthcare to diverse communities and to improve access to quality healthcare for all people.

The key word in our Mission is educate. Cummings Graduate Institute was founded to help students achieve their goal to improve patient care through the education we provide.

Our Mission has always been student-centered rather than shareholder-centered.

The transition to a nonprofit allows us to receive funding from a variety of sources, including private donors and stakeholders, to help cover our operational costs and thereby keep tuition and fees as low as possible.

This transition helps us continue to put students before profits. 


In our next newsletter...

Stay tuned for our next update for more of what we've been up to! Our students are innovating in their academic and professional areas, and our faculty and staff are cultivating exciting new partnerships and researching "where no behavioral health provider has gone before!"  

We are proud of and excited by the growth and development of our Institute. Please share our newsletter with your friends, family, and colleagues to spread the news! 
CGI Approved for Provisional License

Licensing Board Pleased with Progress Made in First Year

CGI is proud to announce that the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education approved CGI's application to move from  conditional license to provisional license.

According to the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education, "[B]y the end of the one-year period of conditional licensure, the educational institution must have demonstrated reasonable and timely progress toward obtaining proper accreditation. If the Board determines that the educational institution is making suitable progress, the Board may grant the educational institution a Provisional Degree Granting License. The provisional license may be renewed annually until such time as full accreditation is gained." 

CGI's next step is full accreditation!

Second Annual
CGI Fall Conference
October 14-15, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona 
International Association of Doctors of Behavioral Health (IADBH)
Launch Party & Networking Session 

October 13, 2016
Phoenix, Arizona

DBH Students and Graduates are invited to attend the official kick-off/launch party and networking session for the IADBH, an international professional organization solely dedicated to achieving a global vision of changing the way the world experiences healthcare. The IADBH is open to all DBH students and graduates, worldwide!

This event will be held on October 13, 2016, the Thursday evening prior to the CGI Fall Conference. Attendance at the CGI Fall Conference is separate and not required to attend this event.

Please visit for more information on the IADBH.

Now Accepting Applications for Summer Term


Join the DBH Student Body and earn a degree in a growing field that's revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Whether you have a background in medicine, behavioral health, or allied health, the 60-credit hour Doctor of Behavioral Health degree will give you the tools you need to practice Integrated Behavioral Health Care at a high level in any clinical setting.


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