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November 23, 2018
Produced every full moon, the Science Borealis Newsletter brings you a selection
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Fun Moon Fact ☽

There are approximately 570kg of identified moon rocks on earth, about the weight of an average horse. They come from three sources: the USA's Apollo missions, the Soviet Union's Luna missions, and meteorites knocked off the surface of the moon.

Editors' Picks

A selection of some of our favourite posts this lunar cycle.
There’s nothing cooler than the sweet science of Icewine — On the Borealis Blog, Connie Tang delves into chemistry the behind a tasty seasonal treat.
Ghost streams on the shore — On Ancient Shore, Graham Young travels back in time with the help of rocks from the Upper Devonian Perry Formation.
Where the river stops — On the Borealis Blog, guest contributor Dan Kraus explains how dams, culverts and other river infrastructure can negatively impact spawning fish.
Charismatic organisms, “lost causes”, and conservation priorities — Environmental and Earth Sciences co-editors Alina Fisher and Tanya Samman explain why iconic species aren't the only ones worth protecting.
More featured posts from our network:

Warming up to better public relations for scientists
— Samantha Yammine

Clowns of the sea: the Atlantic puffin
— Laurel Bernard

Debunking Misconceptions: Scorpions
— Gil Wizen

A slice of science
— Simon Shapiro

You should go jogging instead of reading this
— Amy Noise

Unleash your inner writer: Enter our first-ever lay science writing competition
— Jenny Ryan

Non, on n’a pas trouvé d’extraterrestres (prise V)
— Yvan Dutil

Ornithologues de guerre
— Michel Gosselin

Florida's coastal nightmare
— Katherine Datuin

The challenges and joys of being a parent in the field
— Tara Imlay

Mais, concrètement, c’est quoi une ACV?
— Sylvain Cordier

Ugly conservation
— Alina C. Fisher

Behind the equations
— Jeremy Cote

Go ahead, use contrac'ns
— Stephen Heard

Do female academics have to be role models?
— Sarah Boon

Dissecting Frankenstein’s Monster
— Natasha Parkinson

Vinyl siding and the greater sage-grouse (really!)
— Bill Armstrong

Putting dog waste to good use
— Alison McDonald
Upcoming Events

December 1World AIDS Day

December 4Wildlife Conservation Day

December 11International Mountain Day

December 25Isaac Newton’s Birthday

December 27Louis Pasteur’s Birthday
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Cartoon of the Month

by Ray Nakamura
Inspired by: "Nations gather to weigh the meaning of a kilogram" — Globe and Mail, November 14, 2018
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Updates from the Science Borealis team

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Call for Volunteer Resource Manager

We are looking for a Volunteer Resource Manager to serve as the first point of contact for the 30-40 Science Borealis volunteers. The Volunteer Resource Manager is responsible for recruitment, onboarding, renewals, support and offboarding of all volunteers. See the job description here for details.

Call for Social Media Volunteer

We are also looking for someone to help generate Social Media content that promotes and showcases our team and members of our blogging network. The time commitment would be 2-3 hours per week. See the job description for more details.

Call for Borealis Blog Subject Editors

We are looking for new Borealis Blog Subject Editors. These volunteers write for the Borealis Blog and oversee our syndicated feed for the 12 subject categories that Science Borealis covers.

We have openings in: 
  • Communications, Education & Outreach
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Interested? See the job descriptions here. Then email us at  and tell us a bit about yourself.

Welcomes & Farewells 

A warm welcome to the two newest blogs on the Science Borealis network: ToothPics by Aaron LeBlanc, and Handwaving by Jeremy Cote. Go check them out!

Please also welcome Braydon Black, who is just starting with us as Science in Society co-editor.

This month we wish a fond farewell to Peggy Muddles whose unfailing humour has brightened our team for almost three years. Peggy served in a number of SciBor roles, including helping develop this newsletter. She was also the force behind our #scicomm100 campaign and our #SciBorSelfies initiative.

We also bid farewell to Jeanne Barry, who served as official meeting-scheduler and note-taker for our Core Team almost since our inception. 
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