Looking for Imago - Newsletter #1

Looking for Imago - Newsletter #1


Hi everyone and happy new year!

The first newsletter is here! I'm super glad to finally share information of the development with you all :) As you certainly know, this game is still under active development, that's why for the moment it is not yet publicly available... But I'm working quite hard to put it in your hands as soon as possible! I thank you for your understanding.

The main topic I would like to present you today is a new (but as I said - still internal) version of the game! You can discover all the changes brought into that new build just below. I also take the opportunity to thank you all for the good feedback you gave me so far :) That kind of things really give me the energy to keep going on.

By the way, if you desire more often updates of the creation process feel free to follow my Twitter account or like the Facebook page of the project. And of course if you like it, showing your support & interest to this project by sharing it will help a lot. Thanks in advance!

See you all & take care,

Hot! New internal version - v0.4.0

I'm super happy to share with you the fact that I recently reached a new milestone in the development of LFI :) I let you take note of the major changes brought to that version and if you want more, the full list of modifications is available here.

1) The Wild World is now playable, and it is challenging!

The procedurally generated levels currently called "Wild World" is now playable! This special world is mainly composed by pre-built pieces of level and randomly generated parts of it.
At the moment this section of the game is quite hard to beat which is super pleasant for players who like challenging plateformer games. For beginners & casual players, the puzzles part of the game with more than 30 levels will be the perfect part to start with to get familiar with the controls & the mechanics.

2) Two new types of insect are joining the adventure

Say hello to Wasps & House Flies!
Those two flying insects will help you to access new areas but they will be sometimes as in real life be a bit harassing ;) I'm looking forward to see you playing with them.

3) A brand new Main Menu

A new animated main menu with access to all the game modes is now available at the beginning of the game.
The two main buttons under the game title will respectively let you access to the Puzzle Levels (32 levels for now) & the Wild World (see above). On the right side, the first button will allow you to toggle full screen mode, the second is an access to game options & the third button will bring you to the embedded level editor (the one I used to build all the current levels).

4) A Wind Affector now animates ground decorations

The "Wind Affector" is a new animation system which gives subtle life to all ground decorations of the game. See it in action by clicking on the following picture.
Click the above image to see how it reacts

5) Even more new stuff !

And of course that's not all. Plenty of other fixes and improvements are part of that new version. See the full list of changes (40+!) right here:
LFI - version 0.4.0 - Changelog

Website update

One last thing, I also updated all the screenshots of the website with more update-to-date version of the graphics. You can see all them here.

What's next ?

The next version (v0.5.0) is already on the way with more than 50 commits (small changes & fixes). Among other things, I just integrated new bonuses & collectible items for the Wild World to enrich your future experience in that environment. I will give you further information later through social networks & of course through the next newsletter.

Take care guys & see you soon!
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