What’s the quickest way to lose business?
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Why You Should Make Independent Testing A Keystone Of Your Development Programmes.

What’s the quickest way to lose business?

Correct, cock up your customer service by making existing and prospective customers think you don’t care!

You might be selling the best product in its field at the cheapest price with the most efficient delivery proposition in the world.

But if your shop stinks, your staff send visitors to the wrong department and demand cash when all you have is a card you’ll lose them. – Even worse, if you shut the door in their face just as you’re finalising the deal and tell them to come back tomorrow (maybe) you’ll never make a living.

So why do so many websites operate on the basis that the customer is the least of their worries? Does your customer serve your technology – or does the technology serve your customer?

The hidden costs of failing to test properly can be huge.
One of our clients has estimated that since he subscribed to independent testing he has saved at least three times that cost in post launch support costs alone. He’s currently assessing the added value that comes from those staff progressing their next project instead.
And another client who appointed us at a moment of crisis launched 5 days late due to simple, easily identifiable problems. When they did launch the first five days’ income was over £6,000. OUCH!


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In the next Newsletter we’ll bring you more detailed horror stories that show the true hidden costs of treating independent testing as an afterthought.

But it’s not just about hidden costs – it’s equally about outstanding success as our relationship with Direct Wines and Laithwaites recently proved when they were recognised as the UK’s No 1 Wine Merchant.

Not only were they awarded Wine Merchant Of The Year but also walked away with the Online Wine Retailer Of The Year.

It takes more than just great wines to succeed in such a massively crowded marketplace.

The perpetual testing regimes we undertake with Laithwaites are absolutely crucial to gaining and retaining customers.
How do you achieve optimum booking rates when your new website:
  • Doesn’t load images properly?
  • Can’t take the user to Client Information but instead displays a popup request with no content?
  • Puts up a message at Purchase stage that “passwords Do Not Match”?
  • Produces an obscure validation message when inputting a CCV number?
  • Sends cancellation notices in alternate languages when booking confirmations are in English?
The site had to be taken down soon after launch for a couple of days to put it right – but only after a thorough test highlighted several more minor but still significant problems. But all’s well that ends well and traffic has picked up significantly (without problem).

Here are a few recent updates you should be aware of (and probably already are aware of ...)

Microsoft releases Windows 10, with a new browser, called Edge.
Microsoft Edge effectively replaces Internet Explorer and we have started adding the new browser into our regular testing services. It could be possible that areas of your website don't work correctly in the new Edge browser, (e.g. forms) so a website review is highly recommended.

Apple releases iOS9
Another new operating system that has just been released is iOS9. This includes an updated Safari browser and so it’s a good idea to check your website or mobile site across iPhones and iPads running the new operating system. Plus, whilst any iOS apps should be compatible with iOS9, it is a good idea to check through them.

You will already have seen the launch of the new iPhones (6S and 6S Plus) and the new iPad Pro on September 9th. iOS9 was released on 16th September and users are now upgrading to the new operating system.

At WebDepend we usually access advance copies of these releases a couple of months ahead of public launch so we will keep you advised of what’s coming and any potential implications for your websites.

1. When testing forms, click on the Submit button first to make sure all required fields are highlighted and that correct validation messages are displayed next to each field.

2. Staying with forms, when testing a date of birth field, make sure the field only allows you to select or enter a date of birth in the past. Similarly, for testing date fields for booking something, such as an event, party, accommodation, flights, etc. make sure the date fields only allow you to select a date in the future. Finally, with date fields, always check the date format you are supporting, as these obviously differ between UK and US.
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